Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yerba Hair Care, Herbal Concentrate

It's been some time and due to a new baby, new job my blog has fallen to the wayside, however if you are following me on Instagram you should have been in the loop so to speak.

I am still a product junkie and still in love with my hair. Thankfully after the birth of my son I havent had too much shedding and I am aiming to keep it that way.  I came upon a thread on Long Hair Care forum that mentioned this hair care line by Taos Herb. They have  a shampoo, a conditioner and a concentrate among several other herbs on the site.

I purchased the concentrate and will be using it for 3 months and evaluating my hair after to see if I will continue.  Below is information on Yerba Hair Care.

The early Spanish explorers were given a secret to healthy hair by the indigenous people of the American Southwest. Today we bring you this traditional herbal therapy in naturally infused Yerba Shampoo, Yerba Conditioner and Yerba Concentrate

Yerba Hair Care is made with 100% sustainably wildcrafted Negrita (Scarlet Globemallow) and Amole (Yucca) herbs. These herbs were used in ancient times for washing and conditioning the hair by the indigenous native people of the Southwest. The benefits are many:
A natural conditioning effect is produced by the pure extracts of the herbs.
Unlike most "natural" herbal hair care products that contain only tiny amounts of herbal ingredients, Yerba Hair Care contains large amounts of the active herbs -over 50%- assuring highest standard of quality and the most benefit to your hair

Ingredients: Yerba de la Negrita (Scarlet Globemallow), Yucca root (Amolé), polysorbate 20, essential oils of orange, osmanthus, rosewood, rose, ginger, violet leaf, grapefruit, black current, cucumber, eucalyptus, pine, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid.

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