Friday, January 10, 2014

Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula Review

claims from their website: Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula provides a rich, healthy source of nourishment to help your hair reach its maximum growth potential. This unique formula nourishes hair and scalp for optimal growth and retention. Each capsule of Priteva provides

  • vital nutrition for longer, stronger, healthier hair.
  • help promotes longer and faster growth
  • visible results in thirty days
  • fortified with organic herbs, aloe vera, natural DHT blockers and vital nutrition for healthy growth.

I came upon a thread on Long Hair Care Forum in early 2013 with a few ladies asking if anyone had tried or heard about this vitamin. A close friend of mine also was asking if anyone had heard about it because the company offered you a 45 days back money guarantee. I knew that eventually I wanted to get into taking a hair vitamin supplement because of the rave reviews of Hairfinity that I had came across but that 45 day money back guarantee pushed Priteva to the front of the class.
Prior to Priteva

February 21, 2013, I purchased a 2 month supply. When they arrived. I was very pleased because it was in capsule form. I have a very hard time swallowing anything coated. The instructions stated you can take one capsule for 60 days or two for 30 days.  I was currently taking a multivitamin and bamboo silica so I took two pills for the first thirty days and then one pill a day for the next 60 days.
Less than 30 days later.
I was at the time in protective styles and for the duration of me initially taking these vitamins, I did not monitor my hair because I was in awe of how fast my nails were growing. In one month time, they were so long that I started going to the nail salon to get a gel overlay applied so they wouldn't break. Little would I know that the gel would be the downfall of my recently acquired length. I had no outbreaks taking the vitamin.  I upped my water intake a little but nothing drastic. I continued to make sure I took the vitamins in the morning along with my other multivitamin and had no issues at all.

Fast forward to September and I started to notice how thin my nails were after getting the nail polish removed at the salon. I did a little research and overtime gel is not good for the nails , along with the filing and sanding tools that they used.  So I stopped going. As it were I stopped taking the Priteva  in September as well. Finally, I couldn't take the sight of my nails anymore, so I cut my nails down and ordered two bottles of Priteva at the end of November and said for 2014, "I'm going to hide my hair AND grow my nails back"

December 1st , I started back and will be taking Priteva until  Febuary 21st 2014. After that, I will be trying out another vitamin , to see which one I prefer out of the two. Stay tuned in late February for information on what the next  HSN will be.
I started letting the gel grow out here
The picture labeled on the left side for day one  is Dec 1, 2013. I actually missed one day of taking month one 30 day pills, so my first 30 days ended on Jan 2, 2013. The picture labeled on the right side is January 9, 2014. Not bad right?

* I have not had any excessive breakouts at all.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone for participating in the New Years Giveaway. I appreciate your time and effort. The winner is Krystel Thashera. Remember you have 48 hours to respond to the email that was sent to the email address you listed in the giveaway.

See everyone in July for my 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway.

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