Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/2014 Wash and Go Product Routine

I thought I would start to document what products I use whenever I do a Wash and go, so that there is a reference if anyone was interested. I have always been leary of using glycerin gels when the weather changes for fear of  sucking the moisture out of my own hair since there is none in the air when it gets cooler.  This year I will be working from home more, so I can test out my routine until I get a protective style in for a few weeks.


My favorite commercial gel that can be purchased on ground is Xtreme Wet Line gel.  Its an amazing, awesome gel thats very cheap and affordable. It however , has glycerin high up on the list. My idea was to use it first and then layer something heavy over it to kind of seal the glycerin in if I go outside.  Well, that didnt work out too well but it kind of worked out for me in the combination that I used 3 days ago..

I started out my routine after having kinky twists in for three weeks. I used J Monique Naturals Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay mask to " wash " my hair. After rinsing the mask out,  I added Soultanicals Curly Tress Silk Milk as a leave in conditioner, and then styled with the Xtreme Wet Line Gel and Curly Twirls Custard styling gel.  Both of these gels have glycerin in it so I kept an eye out on my hair to see if it was drying out.

Even doing my hair mid day by the time it was evening my hair was still damp.  I fell asleep with a cap on but the next day my hair was mussed and slightly frizzed.  I didnt mind as I wasnt going out anymore so I continued on my way.  I  didnt moisturize or restyle until today.

This morning  I "washed" my hair with Soultanicals Master Cleanse Curl detox and after rinsing, deep conditioned with Etae Caramel Treatment and added molasses on top. I kept that in for 15 minutes, rinsed and  then proceeded to  style again with the aforementioned products.  I skipped the leave in conditioner after rinsing to see if my hair dries quicker without the extra layer of product.

The pictures below are the results.


Danielle L. Green said...

I forgot about the glycerin factor with cooler weather until I noticed my hair was looking dry. I have to find some new products soon.

Shawnystheone said...

Are you wearing washngo's or trying to hide this season Danielle?

Danielle L. Green said...

Normally, I would switch to braidouts now but because my sides are shaved, they don't lay right when I take them down. I tried flexirods but the set didn't last.

I may protective style this year with u-part wigs or just have the top part braided in marley braids or twists.

Jay (Divachyk) | Relaxed Thairapy said...

Your hair looks awesome. Your curlies are really defined and look very springy.

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