Monday, August 4, 2014

Natural Hair Hygroscopy Giveaway

I have been talking about Natural Hair Hygroscopy for the last couple of months. I tend to find unknown products because I'm always reading and clicking somewhere on the internet.  I saw an ad for this company on Long Hair Care Forum and reached out.

Lo and behold the owner was generous enough to offer to send me the product for review AND sponsor a giveaway. What a blessing that is. It's always a pleasure for me to share new ideas and products with you all. As a natural, we are always on the look out for moisturizing products for our curls, coils, kinks and waves.

I did a few short videos so you can see what the product looks like. Below is just a short take on how it appears in the jar.

I also did a few twists in another video and sealed the twists with hempseed oil. Below is just the application and resulting twist. I love this product.  Its very versatile in my view. I think that you can use it as a detangler, you can use it as a wet set product, a moisturizing leave in, a  refresher spritz and a simple styler. The only two cons for me are the jar. I almost spilled it when opening it the first time AND the glycerin.  You have to seal this if there is no moisture in the area, but its a FAB 'liquid" in the LCO or LOC method.
You only need a tiny amount. Stick your finger in the jar and whatever clings to it, is what I would suggest using per section!

This blog entry here gives you an overview of the product.  I don't like having a lot of requirements for giveaways so, for this one is simple.

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And comment here"How important moisture is for your hair"?

Here is what the company claims" Curl popping ions and ocean rich botanicals for luxuriously soft, fully hydrated curls.Ocean Hydronium Jelly restores moisture with potent humectants and ph balancing ions, transforming even the moist parched strands into touchably soft , defined tresses. Nutritious marine botanicals like sea kelp biofrement and algae extract nourish your hair, providing enough slip to bolster length retention and fortify against damage."

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LaWanda S said...

Without moisture I would experience extreme breakage, so it is very important to me.

Temilade Akintola said...

Moisture is very Important to me , without it my hair would look a hot mess and feel like tinfoil

Shawntay said...

Moisture allows for my hair to retain length and grow/stay healthy. Without it, my hair would become dry and break off.

ChiNasa said...

Moisture is very beneficial for my hairs growth and wellness.

Angelique said...

The right balance of moisture and protein is important foe my hair to keep it strong and supple!!!

Dean List said...

Moisture is important because it keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy. It will also help with hair growth

tdawkins205 said...

Moisture is a must have for my fine/kinky strands.If I allow my hair to become excessively dry;breakage is a beast!So I must stay on my moisture game at all times!Although I push moisture;I still have to incorporate a tad bit of protein;due to my fine/fragile hair!

krystel warden said...

moisture is important because it helps your hair grow and prevents breakage

Maiya Gant said...

Moisture is essential to our hair journey!

MochaSoul said...

Moisture is essential to healthy hair. Unfortunately I am still trying to find out what works for me. I have experienced dryness and breakage so I rely heavily on protective styling. I long for the day that I can rock my hair as fabulously as I envision it to be.

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