Monday, July 21, 2014

Ocean Hydronium Jelly by Natural Hair Hygroscopy

 I came across this product on a header within the forum on Long Hair Care. I was minding my business as usual and there it was , a banner at the top of the page that said "  An advanced Ionic moisturizer for dry natural hair". Well, shucks... I had to find out what this product was. I reached out to the company and was provided a jar to test out.

When the jar arrived, I about jumped in glee.  It was 16 ounces of juicy looking goodness. I opened the container to see what it smelled like. I couldn't place the scent but its light and slightly fruit. It moves more loose than jelly. I could see this being in a pump style bottle to ensure you don't spill it. Unfortunately , I wouldn't be able to test it out fully because I was in a protective style but, I was able to use it on my edges that are left out and honey, the moisture factor is amazing. It reminds me of what curl activator gel does for my hair. It curls, gives moisture and kept my edges supple. The only downside is" glycerin". For me, that really isn't a factor if I seal well but seeing how I used it on my edges I didn't.  The cold air in my room left the exposed hair feeling a tad stiff after drying , so that's something to keep in mind for the winter months.

Here is what the company claims" Curl popping ions and ocean rich botanicals for luxuriously soft, fully hydrated curls.Ocean Hydronium Jelly restores moisture with potent humectants and ph balancing ions, transforming even the moist parched strands into touchably soft , defined tresses. Nutritious marine botanicals like sea kelp biofrement and algae extract nourish your hair, providing enough slip to bolster length retention and fortify against damage."

I will be trying this out fully this Friday. So look for the review AND a chance to win a jar in my giveaway that Natural Hair Hygroscopy is sponsoring.


Karen Bradly said...

This sounds like an awesome product

Shawnystheone said...

Right , Karen. I cant wait to fully try it out

Unknown said...

Good luck Karen & please let us know how you really like it.

Noveechops said...

Well thanks to this blog I just order my second jar because this stuff is amazing I simply love it. Thanks for the blog because I tried ecostyler gel, making my own flax seed gel everything left my 4B hair sticky and hard. Love this stuff :) :) It gets 10 stars.

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