Monday, July 14, 2014

Half Year Point with Protective Styling

Would who have thought that I could protective style for so long?  Not I! Well, time is flying by. I started out in December of 2013 , stating that I would protective style for 9 weeks and rest my hair for 2 weeks. It's worked out well. I'm currently on my third protective style of the challenge and in 2 weeks, I will be resting my hair. I uploaded a little video of my past styles and what  vitamin I'm currently taking right now.


tdawkins205 said...

Hi love!Your PS were all cute!I ordered a bOttle of the Manetabilism as well.I haven't started them yet;but I'm going to next week.Thanks for the update!

Shawnystheone said...

Thanks love, I have a feeling we might have some good growth when I take it out next week

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