Monday, March 31, 2014

Vinegar: How oh I Love thee!

In the past I used apple cider vinegar as my final rinse all the time. I had of course read up on the forums that this was a great product that closes your cuticle after washing and gives the hair a natural shine. I never really noticed any benefits from it but then again I never really noticed any bad side effects as well. I honestly just got away from doing it because it seemed to be such a chore in an already long wash day.

There are many uses of vinegar and I myself like both white and apple cider. They both seem to work just as well as the other.

1.White vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are produced in the same way; through distillation of fermented ethanol which yields acetic acid, the key component of vinegars.

2.White vinegar encompasses a larger scope of vinegar types as it is generally produced from vinegars themselves; Apple Cider Vinegar is exclusively from the distillation of ethanol from apple cider.

3.White vinegar is more often used as a cleaning substance; Apple Cider Vinegar is popular for its health benefits

 You can experiment with using it in different ways but my favorite of all time is soothing an itchy scalp while in protective styles and pseudo washing my scalp of whatever debris is on it. Some of those benefits for hair are: balancing hair and scalp pH, removing product buildup, and treating dandruff. I can attest to treating dandruff because whenever I'm in a protective style such as kinky twists, my scalp gets dry and the dandruff flares up. A few spritzs of vinegar watered down, looses up the dandruff and allows my scalp to breath. I LOVE it!

Make your own healthy after-shampoo hair rinse by mixing 1/3 of a cup of ACV into a quart of water. You can then store it and use when ready use.

If you would like to prepare a smaller batch of this vinegar hair rinse recipe to experiment with, try mixing 1 tablespoon of vinegar into 1 cup of water.

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