Saturday, December 20, 2014

Product Haul- Local BSS

My local beauty supply store just keeps on luring me in.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Frosty Voxbox from Influenster

I'm happy to have received another voxbox Influenster, this one named Frosty Voxbox. Inside of it was

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum, value of $1.99
Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea
EcoTools Hair Brush, value of value of  $10.99
McCormick Gourmet Thyme, value of $4.79
Fruit Vines Bites , value of $1.28- $1.79 ( which I'm eating as I type,lol)
Rimmel Gentle Eyemakeup Remover, value of $7.49
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner, value of $4.49

I received all of these items free for testing purposes

Terra Veda Organix Unboxing

I will be trying this line out and reviewing it on the blog, so stay tuned. I did a mini unboxing of the items sent to me to review below.

The Terra Veda Organix line of hair care products have been specifically formulated for all hair types, i.e., tightly coiled hair, curly hair, transitioning hair, relaxed hair, and color treated hair. Our handcrafted goodies contain many Ayurvedic and Botanical herbs, organic and cold-pressed oils, essential oils, pure butters, and ingredients that condition and hydrate dry, thirsty hair. We have carefully researched and selected the finest ingredients to promote healthy hair and scalp which will maximize hair growth.
TVO products are formulated to be pH‐balanced, within the same pH range as hair, (4.5-6.5), which is moderately acidic. This helps keep your hair healthy and shiny.  We are a cruelty free company and we do not use fillers, petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, or sulfates.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Crochet Braids

I have been wearing my hair in crochet braids for the last 6 weeks.  This is the second time ever I have had them installed and I preferred them much better this time.  I went to a salon in Brooklyn recommended by my friend.  It was a long process and a little on the expensive side.  I paid $150 and overall with the compliments and different looks I was able to pull off,  I can't complain.   The next time though I will attempt to install them myself.  Here are some pictures.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/2014 Wash and Go Product Routine

I thought I would start to document what products I use whenever I do a Wash and go, so that there is a reference if anyone was interested. I have always been leary of using glycerin gels when the weather changes for fear of  sucking the moisture out of my own hair since there is none in the air when it gets cooler.  This year I will be working from home more, so I can test out my routine until I get a protective style in for a few weeks.


My favorite commercial gel that can be purchased on ground is Xtreme Wet Line gel.  Its an amazing, awesome gel thats very cheap and affordable. It however , has glycerin high up on the list. My idea was to use it first and then layer something heavy over it to kind of seal the glycerin in if I go outside.  Well, that didnt work out too well but it kind of worked out for me in the combination that I used 3 days ago..

I started out my routine after having kinky twists in for three weeks. I used J Monique Naturals Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay mask to " wash " my hair. After rinsing the mask out,  I added Soultanicals Curly Tress Silk Milk as a leave in conditioner, and then styled with the Xtreme Wet Line Gel and Curly Twirls Custard styling gel.  Both of these gels have glycerin in it so I kept an eye out on my hair to see if it was drying out.

Even doing my hair mid day by the time it was evening my hair was still damp.  I fell asleep with a cap on but the next day my hair was mussed and slightly frizzed.  I didnt mind as I wasnt going out anymore so I continued on my way.  I  didnt moisturize or restyle until today.

This morning  I "washed" my hair with Soultanicals Master Cleanse Curl detox and after rinsing, deep conditioned with Etae Caramel Treatment and added molasses on top. I kept that in for 15 minutes, rinsed and  then proceeded to  style again with the aforementioned products.  I skipped the leave in conditioner after rinsing to see if my hair dries quicker without the extra layer of product.

The pictures below are the results.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sheamoisture: Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Collection

I've been a faithful follower of the Sundial Brands since 1995 when I could only find the Sheamoisture and Nubian Heritage products in my local muslim stories. I'm so proud to know that this is a black owned company that has expanded in such a way that everyone, not only people of color have come to use and love their products.

2014 has been the year of expansion it seems though, new collections, makeup, and skincare.. it's just amazing to see how far they have come , so I was over the moon to see a line geared for Intensive Moisture. Manuka Honey...Hmm! I just had to get my hands on anything with honey in it AND Fig? What actually drew me to this line most of all is that, 10% of sales of this particular line will go to the community commerce fighting poverty.It is currently only available in Target and as elusive as ever. Luckily a few weeks ago, I was stalking Target online and was able to get the body wash,  deep conditioner and  regular conditioner. I couldn't have been any more excited if it was my first plate of food at Thanksgiving, LOL.

And, I didnt let the fact that I was in Kinky Twists stop me. As a true product junkie knows.. you always keep a stash for later. So, my products arrived in a timely manner and I jumped into the bath immediately with the body wash.  I was imaging a scent that would linger and leave me smelling like tropical figs or ... ripening honey. Sadly, this line doesn't have a heavy scent or lingering. It's not overpowering but its subtle.  I used to eat figs right off the trees in Florida so , I was trying to conjure up that scent and it escaped me as well. It's almost hard to pinpoint but I like it.  I liked it so much, I keep checking online so I can get the body scrub and hoping like heck, they release a body massage oil as well..

The "Products"

Hydration Body Wash $9.99 13ozs

 gently cleanses while moisturizing dry, rough skin. Certified organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab Oils are blended into a restorative formulation that delivers intense hydration while boosting skin’s moisture barrier. African Rock Fig helps smooth and restore softness.
• Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.
• Manuka Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin. Helps create a moisturizing barrier, allowing skin to rehydrate itself.
• Mafura Oil contains high levels of beneficial oleic acid. Helps replenish oils stripped from skin and hair.
• African Rock Fig contains antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps keep skin looking youthful

Ingredients: water, decyl glucoside, sodium stearoyl lactylate, disodium alkyl polyglucoside citrate, glycerin, panthenol, shea butter, fig extract, guar hydrodypropyltrimonium chloride, essential oil blend, honey, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol,  adansania digitata seed oil, trichilia emetica seed butter.

Hydration Conditioner $9.99 13ozs

instantly softens and detangles while infusing hair with intense moisture and shine-enhancing nutrients. Certified organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab Oils are blended into a rich formulation of restorative oils to nourish and condition dry, brittle hair. Helps restore manageability.

Ingredients: water, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, shea butter , coconut oil, trichilia emetica seed butter, behentrimonium chloride, panthenol,  hydrolyzed cellulose, glycerin, jojoba oil,  adansania digitata seed oil, dicaprylyl ether, honey, essential oil, vitamin e,  aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed rice protein, caprylhydroxamic acid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, pg propyl silanetriol, caprylyl glycol, fig extract

Hydration  Hair Masque $11.99 12ozs

 intensely conditions while infusing hair with a powerful dose of moisture and nutrients. Certified organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab Oils are blended with antioxidant-rich African Rock Fig to restore and lock in moisture while deeply conditioning. Smoothes and fortifies follicles for stronger, healthier frizz-free hair.

Ingredients:  water, cetyl alcohol,coconut oil, btms, shea butter, glycerin, stearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, trichilia emetica seed oil, honey, hydrolyzed rice protein, essential oil blend, adansania digitata seed oil, centrimonium chloride, avocado oil, fig extract, mango seed butter,  vitamin e,  aloe vera leaf extract, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, butylene glycol

Infused Shea Body Butter $11.99 4.5ozs

comforts and delivers long-lasting hydration while rejuvenating dry, rough skin. Certified organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab Oils are blended into a rich formulation of restorative oils to deeply moisturize, while boosting skin’s moisture barrier against environment irritants. African Rock Fig helps smooth and restore softness to skin

 Ingredients: shea butter, mafura seed oil, fig extract, baobab seed oil, honey, vitamin e, essential oil blend.

I haven't tried the hair products out but eventually will get to them. If you take a look at the ingredients for the conditioner and the masque, the ingredients are very similar however the masque has the protein higher . Depending on which you like, you can get either or and make it work for your routine.

I am not fond of the body butter. The grit even after you emulsify it, is very hard to get absorbed into my damp body. If I wasn't lazy, I would remelt it myself and whip it but I'm not doing all of that. Luckily I picked this up on sale and I have a red card for an additional 5% off so all isnt lost. This would be an awesome sealer for your ends in the winter though.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wash and Go's , why Yes I will

Wondercurl Product Review : Restoring Treatment and Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

I've been a fan of Wondercurl products since she first appeared on the natural hair care products scene so to speak.  I found out about the vendor on Naturally Curly Type 4 Forum and bit the bullet and tried out her Get Set Hair Jelly and Get Slick Smoothie.  I was very happy to be able to pick my samples up locally because at the time Scarlett was literally one town over from me. What more could a product junkie ask for. Very simple ingredients and they worked great together for my wash and go routine. She then launched the Butter than love products and I bit on those too( Pudding and Whipped). FAB products to twist with.

I was fortunate enough to attend an event at Meko NYC and received a sample of the new Restoring Hair Treatment and LOVED it.  I am a die hard clay lover  so I find it amazeballs whenever a product vendor adds clay to  their hair products.

Scarlett the owner reached out to me to do a formal review of her two treatments and I was ecstatic to do so.  I received the  Restoring Treatment and Detoxifying Clay Cleanser.

The "Products"

8ozs for $24.00
Detoxifying Clay Cleanser  is a gentle cleanser that detangles and conditions hair in one process while removing impurities to refresh the scalp.

Kaolin clay revitalizes dry and damaged hair. Shea Butter has been used to sooth dry itchy scalp. Avocado Butter fortifies hair from the inside. Olive Oil contains antioxidants, which remove harmful free radicals from the surface of your hair and scalp.

Ingredients: DI Water, Kaolin Clay, Cetyl Alcohol (and) Behentrimonium Chloride (and) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (and) Sorbitan Laurate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Butter, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Calophyllum Tacamahaca (Tamanu) Seed Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol

8ozs for $22.00
Restoring Hair Treatment is an intensive deep hair treatment that strengthens, moisturizes and smooths your hair. Olive oil can easily penetrate into the hair, passing through the layers of cuticles to provide a deep moisturizer for the hair and mend split ends. Avocado prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A & E. It soothes dryness, repairs breakage and mends split ends. Tamanu oil regenerates, strengthens and protects hair. Plus, Vitamins E, C, B3 & B6 to protect hair, stimulate growth and maintain moisture for healthy hair.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Shea Butter (refined), Cetearyl Alcohol, Avocado Butter, Ricinus communis (Castor) Oil, Polyquaternium, Tamanu Oil, Guar Gum, Olive Oil PEG, Hair Vitamins, BTMS, Stearalkonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, dl-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Cocos nucifera (Coconut RBD) Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Limmnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) Oil (Refined)

My "thoughts"

As I had already tried and fell in love with the Restoring Treatment, I wanted to try the Clay Cleanser first. I was thrown off by the texture of this cleanser as its almost like putty. It doesnt feel like putty but if you have every played with or touched putty, you know that, when you touch putty, your fingers can sink it but unless you put some effort into pulling it apart, putty will show the indentation of your finger and then slowly expand back out into its original state.  I put a video up on Youtube so you could see what it looks like.

Man, if this stuff were already slippery without introducing water, I would never use anything else. When your hair is wet and you add water to this product, it becomes a slippery detangling product that cleans your hair and gets it clean. The problem for me is, that the product does not become a liquid. If you take out a small amount and add water to your hair, it slips around in your hair or at leas it did in my hair. I had to almost knead it into my hair to get it to stay in long enough to get my scalp and length of my hair. Its super slippery though. I like it, but its a hassle to get it in, lol.  If this can be more of a creamy texture or easily to disperse,  I'd LOVE IT.  I was getting so mad in the shower trying to get it to not slip off my hair.

Out of a 10, I'd give it a 5 for sheer effort BUT once it's in , a 10!!!

The Restoring Treatment will go up in another post.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Natural Hair Hygroscopy Giveaway

I have been talking about Natural Hair Hygroscopy for the last couple of months. I tend to find unknown products because I'm always reading and clicking somewhere on the internet.  I saw an ad for this company on Long Hair Care Forum and reached out.

Lo and behold the owner was generous enough to offer to send me the product for review AND sponsor a giveaway. What a blessing that is. It's always a pleasure for me to share new ideas and products with you all. As a natural, we are always on the look out for moisturizing products for our curls, coils, kinks and waves.

I did a few short videos so you can see what the product looks like. Below is just a short take on how it appears in the jar.

I also did a few twists in another video and sealed the twists with hempseed oil. Below is just the application and resulting twist. I love this product.  Its very versatile in my view. I think that you can use it as a detangler, you can use it as a wet set product, a moisturizing leave in, a  refresher spritz and a simple styler. The only two cons for me are the jar. I almost spilled it when opening it the first time AND the glycerin.  You have to seal this if there is no moisture in the area, but its a FAB 'liquid" in the LCO or LOC method.
You only need a tiny amount. Stick your finger in the jar and whatever clings to it, is what I would suggest using per section!

This blog entry here gives you an overview of the product.  I don't like having a lot of requirements for giveaways so, for this one is simple.

"Like" AHappyNappyAffair Fan page
"Like" Natural Hair Hygroscopy Fan Page
And comment here"How important moisture is for your hair"?

Here is what the company claims" Curl popping ions and ocean rich botanicals for luxuriously soft, fully hydrated curls.Ocean Hydronium Jelly restores moisture with potent humectants and ph balancing ions, transforming even the moist parched strands into touchably soft , defined tresses. Nutritious marine botanicals like sea kelp biofrement and algae extract nourish your hair, providing enough slip to bolster length retention and fortify against damage."

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is closed.

Younique 3D Mascara and Soultanicals Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone for particpating in the last giveaway.  I apologize in the delay in getting it up but as usual my fingers and blogspot were having some issues.

The winner is Angela Smith, please email me at with your mailing address within 48 hours.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kinky-Curly " Stellar Strands Deep Conditioner" Initial Review

 I have been a fan of Kinky-Curly products since they debuted their line,  My all time favorite gel is the Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  It has never failed me, no matter what weather I use it in.  The only factor that I do not like about it is the price.  So, when I saw on Instagram that they were adding a deep conditioner to their line up, I was very happy.

It was an 8oz jar for the price of $13.00.  Following its release it was only available via their website. As a product junky and lover of Kinky curly, I had to try it out.

 Water, cetyl alcohol, btms, hydroxypropyl guar, macadamia oil , argan oil, caprylic/capric triglceride, biotinm silk amino acids, collagen, amino acids, glycerin, panthenol, polysorbate 60, phenoxyethanol and natural fragrance
Enriched with Macadamia and Argan oil, this deep hydrating intense treatment will take your hair from status quo to stellar.

When it arrived I was in a protective style so I was not able to try it out. After coming out of my protective style nine weeks later , it was the first deep conditioner I reached for. On first impressions, I wasnt impressed at all.  The consistency is very thick but spreadable.  I used my own body heat to get it to penetrate but after rinsing my hair wasnt soft or moist. It was just ok. I will be giving it another shot with my steamer in the near future and hope for better results.

Below is my initial pictures on Instagram.

Natural Hair Hygroscopy "Ocean Hyrdonium Jelly" Demo

 I'll be giving away a jar of this moisturizer next week on the  Blog/Fan Page so stay tuned.  I love the moisture factor and easy of use so far.  You can check out the company's website here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Younique 3D Mascara and Soultanicals Giveaway

So, I've started a new venture and would like to get some exposure. What better way then a giveaway. Have you heard of this new 3D Mascara? No... well here are the details.

Our simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily washes off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have!

Sounds interesting right? Well what good would some killer mascara be without, setting that hair off? So... yup, you got it.... You can item from Soultanicals.  Any product that you have been wanting to try! Yup, you read right, ANY product that you want to try. Just enter below and follow the rules.

To be entered you must follow: lovinglife0078 , lashesbyproductjunky and Soultanicals on Instagram. Leave your instagram name in the comment below.  If your page is private, you must DM a screenshot of  my post on Instagram @lashesbyproductjunky

Open only to the 48 continental US States. Shipping timeframe is determined by the seller and you will have 48 hours to respond via email or another winner will be chosen. Winner will receive 1 3D Fiber Eyelash Mascara and 1 8oz product from Soultanicals.

Giveaway will run  for a week, ending on 28th of July 2014.

This giveway is closed

Ocean Hydronium Jelly by Natural Hair Hygroscopy

 I came across this product on a header within the forum on Long Hair Care. I was minding my business as usual and there it was , a banner at the top of the page that said "  An advanced Ionic moisturizer for dry natural hair". Well, shucks... I had to find out what this product was. I reached out to the company and was provided a jar to test out.

When the jar arrived, I about jumped in glee.  It was 16 ounces of juicy looking goodness. I opened the container to see what it smelled like. I couldn't place the scent but its light and slightly fruit. It moves more loose than jelly. I could see this being in a pump style bottle to ensure you don't spill it. Unfortunately , I wouldn't be able to test it out fully because I was in a protective style but, I was able to use it on my edges that are left out and honey, the moisture factor is amazing. It reminds me of what curl activator gel does for my hair. It curls, gives moisture and kept my edges supple. The only downside is" glycerin". For me, that really isn't a factor if I seal well but seeing how I used it on my edges I didn't.  The cold air in my room left the exposed hair feeling a tad stiff after drying , so that's something to keep in mind for the winter months.

Here is what the company claims" Curl popping ions and ocean rich botanicals for luxuriously soft, fully hydrated curls.Ocean Hydronium Jelly restores moisture with potent humectants and ph balancing ions, transforming even the moist parched strands into touchably soft , defined tresses. Nutritious marine botanicals like sea kelp biofrement and algae extract nourish your hair, providing enough slip to bolster length retention and fortify against damage."

I will be trying this out fully this Friday. So look for the review AND a chance to win a jar in my giveaway that Natural Hair Hygroscopy is sponsoring.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Half Year Point with Protective Styling

Would who have thought that I could protective style for so long?  Not I! Well, time is flying by. I started out in December of 2013 , stating that I would protective style for 9 weeks and rest my hair for 2 weeks. It's worked out well. I'm currently on my third protective style of the challenge and in 2 weeks, I will be resting my hair. I uploaded a little video of my past styles and what  vitamin I'm currently taking right now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Birthday Giveaway : Q- Redew Handheld Steamer

Hello, I hope this blog post reaches everyone in good health. With the Lord willing on the 12th of this month I will have made it to my 36 year of living. It hasn't always been easy or pretty but boy is it a blessing to say I'm still here learning and growing.

The very best investment I have ever made in my natural hair journey has been a steamer. It does wonders for my deep conditioning session and has allowed me to maintain a level of moisture that is mandatory if I keep of the habit of wearing WashandGo styles. I gave away a few rolling steamers in the past but this time  I decided to go with the Q-Redew Handheld steamer. I myself have never had one of these so I can only attest to the reviews I have seen online.

What is a Q-Redew?

The Q-Redew handheld hair steamer uses warm steam as mist to enhance your hair's natural volume and texture.  The Q-Redew hydrates, reshapes and restyles dry hair in minutes. No mess, no fuss, no chemicals - just water. The innovative Q-Redew tool allows perfect styling control in minutes without rewetting or shampooing.  You apply the Q-Redew's warm steam as mist to reshape, hydrate, volumize and style your locks.  Boost your curls, restore moisture to dry hair, lift flat hair, transform bedhead to your best hairstyle.

The Q-Redew disperses gentle warm mist into the cuticle of dry hair to naturally moisturize the strand leaving your hair dry, but revitalized. Fill reservoir with water.  Plug in to heat up the Q-Redew. Press the trigger to release the steam. Can be used with or without your favorite products.

Second day hair? No problem.
Flat, lifeless hair? Revive it.
Dry, Brittle Hair? Hydrate it.
Static and dryness? Mist it.

Sounds good? Ok, I have never had an Instagram stipulation before and a few folks requested it so listed are the requirements below.

Leave a comment below stating how you would use the Q- Redew and follow me on Instagram @lovinglife0078 , Post a picture of the Q-Redew on instagram and tag me @lovinglife0078.

June 4-16th 2014, closes at 12:00 Midnight.  Open to US Continental States.

Winner will be announced 24 hours after giveaway ends.  Winner will respond to email within 48 hours or another winner will be picked. Shipment will be directly from company, any issues/returns will be handled by the company. Timeline for shipping depends on SLA of shipping company. By responding to winning email, the winner is accepting these terms

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hide my Hair Challenge 2014 Part 3

I kicked off my third protective style on May 23rd. I will be protective styling all of 2014 with 9 week intervals, followed with a 2 weeks resting period.

My second style can be read about here. My hair grew much longer than the first protective style. I am attributing that to me starting the Hairfinity vitamins and upping my water intake,  Not only was the Kinky twists better on my hair length it was easier on my scalp. I used a vinegar and water mix to keep my scalp free of debris and itches. It was heaven. I would have went with the Kinky Twists again for the third protective style  but wanted to try out this Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair I found on the swap board.

So first session was Dec 21, 2013- February 21, 2014 
Rest phase February 22, 2014-March 7, 2014

The second session ran  March 8,2014 -May 10, 2014
Rest phase was May 10,2014- May 23, 2014

This third session will run from  May 23, 2014 - July 25, 2014


Influenster: T.L.C Voxbox for the Moms

I haven't received a lot of VoxBoxes from Influenster so I was pleasantly surprised that this one arrived and its perfect for me.  As a mother of a teenager I always find myself keeping Neosporin in the house and tissues in my purse. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of these items in my box when it arrived today.

Not only is the Neosporin a "Neo to Go" in this box,  but  a Ivory soap with no dyes or heavy perfumes was also included. I could have skipped for joy. As myself and my son both have very sensitive skin, this is going to be well received. I give this box 5 stars up and then some. As I use the rest of the items I will come back and give a quick review.


Neosporin Neo to Go $4.97 to $7.50
Bryers Gelato Indulgence $4.49 to $5.99
Ivory Bar Soap $3.99 for a 10 pack
AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother $30
Puffs to Go $.49 per single pack
Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card

 I  received all products complimentary from Influenster.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cream and Coco Skin Care : April Hot Coco Anniversary Box

Last year some time Cream and Coco Skincare started turning out these "boxes" of items that aren't on their actual website and items that might be on there. I was never really tempted to try them but for a Christmas Gift to myself I treated myself to one.  I received it and was pleased but not over the moon ecstatic about it. Well, in March the owner, Victoria stated that there would be a special "Hot Coco" Box and the regular one. The Hot Coco Boxes usually run $25 with free shipping. This "birthday" Hot Coco box would have 10 items in it for $45 and the smaller "cupcake" one would have 5 items in it or $25.  I purchased two boxes, one for myself and one to giveaway on the blog.

In this "Birthday" Hot Coco box was

  •  Lotus Flower Water Pump, foaming organic feminine cleanser
  • Dulce , signature organics fragrance oil
  • Sugar Cookie Dough, creamy exfoliating whipped soap dough for body &face
  • Forever Kisses Cosmetics Lip Taffy, nourishing Intense lip treatment with a cooling spearmint tingle
  • Hibiscus Peach Parfait Deodorant Fluff, rich natural deodorant with the added skin brightening benefits of the coveted Licorice Face Fluff to tone under arms
  • Passionfruit Starburst, exfoliating creamy Artisan soap
  • Mandarin Lichen Glaze Tincture, rich oil infused with green tea, hibiscus, black tea for hair &body
  • Hibiscus Jam, mineral & botanically infused aloe gel and honey with potent AHA complex to even skin tone and clear blemishes.
  • Caribbean Sugar Cowash Fluff, creamy detangling lotion with cleansing botanicals to gently cleanse hair without stripping. Shea butter free
  • Orchid Stone, artisan laundry soap for handwash only garments. 


Sugar Cookie Dough  

PassionFruit Starburst

Mandarin Lichen Glaze Tincture
Hibiscus Peach Parfait

Forever Kisses Cosmetics Lip Taffy
Hibiscus Jam

Orchid Stone
Caribbean Sugar Cowash Fluff

Lotus Flower Water Pump

April Spring Giveaway Winner

I'm happy to announce the winner of the April Spring Giveaway  You have 48 hours to respond to the email at the email address you entered or we will pick another winner. Thank you everyone for participating. See you in June for the Qdew Giveaway

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Vinegar: How oh I Love thee!

In the past I used apple cider vinegar as my final rinse all the time. I had of course read up on the forums that this was a great product that closes your cuticle after washing and gives the hair a natural shine. I never really noticed any benefits from it but then again I never really noticed any bad side effects as well. I honestly just got away from doing it because it seemed to be such a chore in an already long wash day.

There are many uses of vinegar and I myself like both white and apple cider. They both seem to work just as well as the other.

1.White vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are produced in the same way; through distillation of fermented ethanol which yields acetic acid, the key component of vinegars.

2.White vinegar encompasses a larger scope of vinegar types as it is generally produced from vinegars themselves; Apple Cider Vinegar is exclusively from the distillation of ethanol from apple cider.

3.White vinegar is more often used as a cleaning substance; Apple Cider Vinegar is popular for its health benefits

 You can experiment with using it in different ways but my favorite of all time is soothing an itchy scalp while in protective styles and pseudo washing my scalp of whatever debris is on it. Some of those benefits for hair are: balancing hair and scalp pH, removing product buildup, and treating dandruff. I can attest to treating dandruff because whenever I'm in a protective style such as kinky twists, my scalp gets dry and the dandruff flares up. A few spritzs of vinegar watered down, looses up the dandruff and allows my scalp to breath. I LOVE it!

Make your own healthy after-shampoo hair rinse by mixing 1/3 of a cup of ACV into a quart of water. You can then store it and use when ready use.

If you would like to prepare a smaller batch of this vinegar hair rinse recipe to experiment with, try mixing 1 tablespoon of vinegar into 1 cup of water.

A Happy Nappy Affair's Shopping Center