Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hide my hair Challenge 2014

I'm being completely honest with myself. I love my hair, I really do, however wearing it in its curly state has hindered me in really growing my hair out. I love a good ole wash and go. Its easy, simple to do and I can go on my way in less than 30 minutes. The down side is my hair curls on it self and then detangling after a week is a mess because my hair really doesn't like to be touched. I, however do NOT like protective styling with my own hair.  If you've been following me for awhile , you know I can change it up with kinky twists and weave. I just haven't been sticking to it like I should. So 2014 is bust or go home!

I will be hiding my hair in weaves for 2014. That might be amended to kinky twists later in the year if I'm tired of weaving it up. Weaves however let me go 2 months with ease.  I just have to make sure I wash weekly and oil my scalp with an applicator bottle. I have also added in hair vitamins.  I will be taking Priteva vitamins for 3 months, then switching to Hairfinity for three months and then back to Priteva. I have taken Priteva in the past but not for hair growth. I wanted to grow my nails out. I was very successful but the nail salon and gel did a sister in.

Anyone want to join in on the challenge with me? I will be keeping this hair in until February 20th, then resting a week and back into another weave for an additional two months. I will update when I take my hair down in February.

Semi stretched 

Hair installed 12/20/13

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