Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday Love Giveaway- CLOSED

 So I have awesome natural friends, especially my product junkie ones. We love sharing and we love giving up the goods on different items. Well a lovely friend of mine donated the page some products so I'm going to give them to YOU!

Guess whats in this box

Hydratherma Naturals Amino plus protein  deep conditioning treatment 2ozs
PuraBody Naturals  Murumuru Moisture Milk unscented just about 8ozs *
Tropic Isle Living Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8ozs
Cream and Coco Apple Cider & Honey Tea Rinse 1oz
Cream and Coco Raspberry Ganache Deep Conditioner mask 4 cubes
Sarenzo Beads Argan & Burdock Cream 2 8oz jars ( Vanilla Cream scented) *
Sarenzo Beads  Grandma House Soap Sample , Snickerdoodle Chocolate Butter Shampoo bar sample
Curly Kinks Oil Slick Natural Pomade 4oz
The Healing Place Shed No More Hair Tea 50g
 * gently used

In order to be entered all you have to do is BRING one person to my page. Just ONE! The person has to say who sent them when they like the Facebook page. If you want an additional entry, leave a comment on this entry telling me whats your favorite thing about your natural journey.

This giveaway will run until March 22, 2013
This giveaway has ended. Thank you!


tdawkins205 said...

My favorite thing about my natural hair journey;is researching and actually finding a product that works!Since I've kinda learned;what my hair likes!Although sometimes that doesn't work either;it's fun just trying!LOL!

bayoublack said...

My favorite thing about my natural hair journey is inspiring others to go natural. It's not about me, but sharing my experience, my trial and errors to help others break down the mentality about having NAPPY hair.

samjoy68 said...

One of my favorite things about my natural journey beside the over all health of my hair is not having to worry about rain and the fact that new growth is now a blessing not a hassle!

samjoy68 said...

By the way I'm Samantha Thompson on FB.

LaWanda S said...

One of my favorite things, is meeting so many naturals on the internet and talking about hair products styles and regimens.

Nicole Williams said...

I love not having to heat up the flat iron , the curling iron an dstraightening comb in the morning, just to walk out of the door. I love not worrying about the rain. I love the rain! I love that I can take a shower and not care that my hair might get wet ( the more water; the better!) My attitude has been more positive since I BC'd in Jam 2013. I'm loving life being me!

jojo said...

I love looking at other naturals hair journey and lookin at my own from taking pictures. I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about"sweating out" my hairstyle. I really love my hair now.

jojo said...

Jowarna jants on FB

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