Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday Giveaway: Sincere-Ly Naturale Apothecary-CLOSED

Everyone loves Black Friday , right? Well here is a chance for you to win a sample pack of products from a new company called Sincerely Naturale Apothecary. The sample pack will include a sample moisturizer, cleansing aid, a sample sealant and literature about SNA of the owners choosing.

I noticed the line on Naturally Curly and decided to investigate. The name in itself caught my attention because the play on words.

Sincere-Ly Naturale Apothecary formulates products that promote holistic living. We believe that not only does healthy living begin from within but from also providing pure nourishment towards your body and hair.
All of our premium goods utilize only sustainable, organic, wild-crafted and chemical unaltered butters, oils.

Some of the items in the line :

Hydra Emollience Cream Lotion

This highly concentrated emollient cream lotion is an all around great product that is super moisturising on your hair or body. Packed with creamy butters and infused with unique specialty ingredients to help strengthen and condition

Grande Riche Champu Bar

Our champu bars are formulated to aid in cleansing the hair & skin without stripping away its natural oils. When utilizing on the hair you will notice that our champu bars will aid in the detangling process creating more ease for when you commence in the conditioning stage. When utilized on the body , this bar will leave skin feeling uber soft, supple and clean. You can utilize this bar on the hair, body and face.

Tacuma &Pinque Rose Moisturiser

This product provides an abundance of moisture, shine and smoothing properties. Best utilized as a daily moisturizer. Concocted with emollient butters and oils this product will help restore hydration to dry hair and skin.

As they prepare for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale the website is temporarily inaccessible but you can view and purchase products here..

*Check out the Facebook in the next day or so to see what discounts are being offered as well.

The requirements are you LIKE Sincere-Lys Facebook page and comment below on What do you plan to being on Black Friday.

This contest will run one week. It will end on November 30th 2012 11:59 pm EST. The winner has 24 hours to respond or we will pick a run-upper. Thank you !

This giveway is now closed.


Cnortorious said...

black friday I will be filling out grad school applications for a PhD program

LaWanda S said...

I will be buying goodies for my hair online on black friday!

Cris Williams said...

After the midnight cyber natural hair products shopping, I will be cleaning my house and donating clothes and unused hair products to a to a battered woman's shelter.

bayoublack said...

After my midnight swarm of Black Friday hair oroduct shopping and once I wake up from my PJ hangover...I have to go to work for a few hours, then hit the road for New Orleans. I'Z COMING HOME MAMA!!!!!

tlo23 said...

I plan on shopping online a little more - thanks to bayoublack above and lounging ALL day!

tlo23 said...

Gurl you crazy LOL!!

Mary said...

I shopped online for hair care products and I ate leftovers.

Isaiah Johnson said...

Forma black friday I did a lot of early Christmas shopping. I also did a lot of online shopping and ate some Thanksgiving left overs!! Lol!!

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