Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I wish I knew when I first went natural

1. Sectioning your hair makes everything easier.
  •  His/Her braid outs might dry overnight but yours need to be a little smaller or  sit under a dryer for a bit. 
2. Everyone who goes natural doesnt experience the same milestones.
  •       Just because your favorite natural is beyond Arm Pit Length at 2 years doesnt mean this will happen to you
3. Natural isn't a movement for all
  • Its awesome you want to use as natural or organic products as can be  but dont knock lady over there using crisco, grease, cones and parabens. Its a personal choice
4. Protective Styling isnt the end all.
  • Find other ways to style your hair if the ones you see arent working out for yourself
5. Patience
  • Routines , Styling,  Product selections, take time. Stick with something for a period of time before you decide it isnt working. It can be the way youre using it and not what youre using.


Amina said...

I couldn't have said it better!!! I relate to every single comment!!!

nappy headed black girl said...

Number 2 is something I also had to keep in mind when I starting dreading. There are people with younger dreads that are longer with mine. Now I focus on health over everything else.

I'd like to add #6: Stop messing with it. In the beginning I wanted to try every shampoo, treatment, and style I heard about. Now I realize that less is more...and less stress on my fine hair.

Shawnystheone said...

LOVE it Nappy headed BG!!

Manni King said...

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