Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heritage by Airest

Honestly I could really use three products on my hair and have it look as good as any high priced item. 

In my hair routine all I need is clay, henna , a moisturizer and a sealer. I was on instagram and someone liked a picture. I went to the picture and noticed it was a FAB picture of some hair. I went to the profile of the person and lo and behold she has a hair care line BUT what drew me is the fact that its two of my favorite items

Flax Seed Gel and Clay. The concept of this little company is cool because honestly Ive had great success in using Clays and FlaxSeed Gel myself. Its just sometimes I really dont feel like making it myself and go to ordering

I'm not knocking anyones product flow because I will always be intrigued by products for my hair , its just my thing

So I reached out to the company and shes provided me with all three items. If Shea butter is not for you , you might want to omit the moisturizer and substitute your own.

Cleansing Clay - seems a little thick. You might have to wet the hair and take your time smoothing it on the scalp and hair.

Moisturizer- chockful of shea butter

Flaxseed Gel- very loose, you might have to transfer to a jar with a pump.

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