Monday, May 14, 2012

Changes to staples

I am a happy camper when I find something I love, I am even happier when I find a leave in conditioner that I can use on my dense hair solo. I had found that in Beija Flors Natural Creme Brûlée. It was love at first touch. The consistency, the smell, the way it worked in my hair alone. It seemed as if the product angel came down and sung in my ears.

So I decide to purchase another bottle and guess what came. A jar! I knew right off the bat this staple was gone. Anything that goes from a botte to a jar to me means the consistency has changed. Well, the Creme was now like a thick butter. I know it was a little hard getting the last drops out my brûlée out of the bottle but dang, a sister is heartbroken.

I was able to use it in the past as a solo styler for my WnG. Now, it doesnt sink in or absorb as quick as before. Same great smell but performance wise, it doesn't blow me away anymore.

Bottle consistency
It's been scratched off the list!

Tiny bit of bottle on the left/jar consistency


Jo Somebody said...

Oh no! I'm hoping the MTCG from Qhemet hasn't changed performance for the worse since it's gone from jar to bottle. Or is it only bottle to jar that is usually a problem?

Shawnystheone said...

The MTCG was always in a bottle, its the CTDG that was in a jar ,however the CTDG was never really a creamy watery consistency, it was always buttery to me ,so Im only slightly worried.

I usually am full out on alert when something was in a bottle and goes to a jar.

Jo Somebody said...

Whoops! I meant the CTDG! Although actually the MTCG *did* start off in a jar. Lol!

Shawnystheone said...

I dont remember it being in a jar, I tested it post launch, oh well maybe im senile. Its still good goodness!

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