Thursday, March 22, 2012


Nubian Heritage at Walgreens

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ouidad Sale

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing But ..... by SofnFree

 I was in a local BSS last night and came upon some products. A product called Nothing But Curly Pudding and  Nothing But Curl Sealer.  I was intrigued so I purchased them, lol. The Beauty Supply actually had the whole line up and if I like these I might go back for some other items.  I havent heard of this line so I googled and so far I've seen a couple of reviews.

 I also found the main website that has further information on the line up.

Curly Pudding
Like things wild? Or is tame more your style? Get nothing but styling versatility and control. This indulgent styling conditioner lets you do everything from create wash 'n wear looks to two-strand twists. Defines curls, elongates waves, enhances coils.

Curl Sealer
Set your hair free from frizz, dullness and other foolishness. Natural shine enhancers instantly add and seal in moisture, leaving you with a head full of oh-so-gorgeous, radiantly shiny curls. Eliminates frizz, defines curls.

Curl Wake Up Spray
Get your curls to rise and shine anytime. Refreshes and revives tired hair in minutes. Made with virtually weightless natural shine boosters, this leave-in treatment brings your style beautifully back to li

Mold & Hold Wax
Your natural hair has a mind of its own. But this lets you gently twist it around your little finger. And since it's made from nothing but honest ingredients, there's nothing flakey about it either. Use daily or after shampooing to create and maintain twists, locks or knots.

Intense Healing Mask
Be honest. You've noticed that your hair is thinner, breaks easily and what's with all the shedding? Packed with pure ingredients and natural healers, Intense Healing Mask penetrates deeply to repair, soothe and smooth damaged, brittle hair. Use after our Clarifying Shampoo

Cleansing Conditioner
In all honesty, you probably saw this amazing product listed as a cleanser. So, why is it now listed as a conditioner? Because it does both jobs beautifully! Use after regular shampoos for a luxurious, moisturizing conditioning experience that leaves your natural hair softer and more manageable.

Clarifying Shampoo
Removes deep-seated contaminants, deep cleans scalp, and makes your conditioning treatments work even better. Use once a month followed by Nothing But Intense Healing Mask.

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