Friday, January 27, 2012

2012- year of the Protective Styling

 I have a hair goal and this will be my year to reach it. I would like ALL of my hair to get to Arm Pit Length this year. My hair grows extremely fast if left alone however its very fragile if handled a lot.  I love WnG's, especially in the summertime.  Its so easy and effortless. Protective styles, pfft!

I will say this,  I didn't go natural to hide my hair all the time, I would love to be able to twist out and go, braid out and go ,etc, however if after this year of putting in more effort to retain my length doesn't work , I will happily go back to WnG'n and just let it do what it do baby!

My goal this year is to keep my hair protected every three months, 2 weeks out, then back into a protective style I go. Wearing twists in my own hair doesn't work past 3 days because I like to take the hair down so Kinky Twists , Sew in and Buns will be my choice of styles.

Currently  I'm in a full head sew in weave and I'm aiming to keep it in until  April runs around. Every other day , I moisturize my scalp with  Shea Radiance Moisturizing Hair milk (review to soon come),  and every two weeks  I shampoo, condition and steam the  weave.

 I have also started to take Viviscal . You can find more information here.  I didn't take any starting length pictures, which I will try to do in April.

 If anyone else wants to join in , or is currently protective styling for a goal , let me know!!

 Happy Happy Growing!!


alx said...

I never wash and go, haha, I'm like wash and go where?

I rarely wear my hair out, but I prefer updos and stylized hair-dos like twists.

Good luck!

Shawnystheone said...

I wish I could to the point where I can leave my hair alone when its styled. The only style I dont take down is mini box braids. I can leave those in forever but regular twists...... nope!

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