Saturday, October 1, 2011

SheaMoisture: Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle

Ok every since I read that Sheamoisture was bringing a gel to the game I've been intrigued. I finally was able to scoop the last jar up at my local Walgreen three days ago.  I was so excited that I used it the first night on already conditioned hair. I used it to put twists in my bangs and to slick back my ponytail.  I added Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk first to moisturize and then the gel to seal/twist with. As everyone else has reported this stuff is very oily and sticky, which I think is due to the flax seed oil and agave nectar.. I couldn't see me using this on a WnG but more so for protective styles or out styles such as twist outs , braid outs, etc.  I think this should be in a bottle as well because it was hard to scoop some out without it slipping thru my fingers and falling out. The scent is just like the C&H line but a little more concentrated. It took 2 days before it fully absorbed into my hair but honey chile' when it did, do you want to talk about PLUSH??? I was amazed and I have to say this will not  be used as a true gel would be but a LEAVE IN conditioner.  It is that moisturizing.

So of course I had to test out my theory which resulted in what I thought would happen, I used it under some hard gel for a WnG but made the mistake of using too much of the product.  I had to slick my hair back into two ponytails because it just felt weird, too damp but also kind of sticky. I applied it after washing my hair so it felt really weird going onto my hair when it was wet. Today my hair feels wonderful but since I applied too much per section the ends of my hair are sticky.   I can say though this might be a staple in the winter in regards to using it as a leave in.  I love how supple and silky my hair feels under this gel. It also has a high sheen to it. You just have to use it sparingly.

For a true WnG I give this a thumbs down but for a leave in conditioner I would raise all my hands plus yours!!

I paid $10.99

Here are the ingredients:

Aqueous infusion of Agave teqilana leaf extract and sugar cane extract, pectin, vegetable glycerin, baobab extract, coconut oil, Shea butter, panthenol, aloe leaf extract, tocopherol (vit E), flaxseed extract, hibiscus extract, potassium sorbate, proprietary essential oil blend


Dez said...

I went about a day with this gel in my hair as a WnG and had to wash it out. I went light on the application, but it was so sticky. I'm not sure it will even work for me as a leave in. I really wanted to like this product.

Naturalista said...

Damn you!! Here I was passing this gel up (and I've been to Tarjay a ton of times lately) bc the reviews sucked. I'm a sucker for a LI!!

We'll see...

Shawnystheone said...

I have a feeling that SN is going to reformulate it because of all the bad reviews but lord is this ultra moisturizing as a leave in,

last night i mixed a little bit with knot today to up the moisture and my hair was happy!!

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