Thursday, October 13, 2011

I cant grasp the Braidout

 I've been trying and trying for awhile now but braid-outs never turned out the way I want them to.  I think maybe I need to adjust my products with something that has some hold to it. Everything I use is geared for moisture so by the time I take the braids out my hair has poofed out  and the definition is gone.  I'm going to work on them this fall and winter.

 Last night I mixed  Oyins Whipped Pudding with a little Shine and Define in the palm of my hand, then applied it to my dried hair. After that I braided with Qhemet Biologics Twisting Butter. The shine is nice but it looks as if my hair is spreading already this morning.

anyone with tips, I would appreciate it!


Coya S. said...

Make sure your hair is damp (not soaking wet, but more than a spray or two) when styling. I usually spray with a water bottle about 3 times directly on the hair and then apply my styling products. If I style on slightly damp hair, I get less definition and hold.

Let us know how next time goes :)

Shawnystheone said...

what about if i wanted to do it on dry hair , for more length?

Vetsnatural said...

Hi There Lady, I think its the products that you are using. Try to stay away from those products with Glycerin unless you want the expansion depending on the climate. I would say next time apply the leave in and seal, then let dry slightly and use the Whipped Pudding or Twisting Butter alone (for length). I prefer not to do these styles on super wet hair but to let air dry slightly after applying my leave-in. Use the pudding or twisting butter applying from root to tip (not too much) then twist/braid. I like to rub Aloe Vera Gel down the twists or braids, especially at the ends to get the curl and seal with your favorite oil. Therefore your guaranteeing the hair to dry faster with less wetness. You could probably achieve over night success. Check out my said...

I think braid outs come out better on dry hair. I always have to curl my ends though.

By the way, I just gave your blog an award :-) Please stop by my blog and pick it up to pay it forward.

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