Thursday, October 6, 2011

Born Organics take 1

SheaMoisture Purification Prepoo front
SheaMoisture Purification Prepoo back
Njoi Creations ACV Shampoo bar
 Wet and Soapy, lathers nice
 ACV Shampoo Bar
 Great conditioner
I was in such a rush to try my new items plus the late hour that my hair isn't fully dry this morning. I wanted to do a twistout so I did medium twists. This morning I say under the dryer a little but nope my hair started to poof because it was still damp. I winded up pulling it up and will try again tonight. The problem I have with heavily laden Shea butter products is if I don't allow the product to full dry into my hair , it will leave a gray cast that  makes it look dry and dull. That is what happened last night, so I pulled  it back up for the today. I will try it again tonight.

I prepoo'd with SheaMoisture Purification mask, shampoo'd with Njoi Creations Apple Cider Vinegar poo bar, conditioned with Curl Junkie Daily smoothing conditioner, leave in of Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion and then twisted with Born Organics PHAM

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♥ Halicakes ♥ said...

That apple cider soap bar sounds really good. O_O

Naturalista said...

I try to do the whole process in sections but I get tired. That being said, GOD BLESS YOU!! LOLOL!!

Seriously though, Angela's poo bar looks like it detangled/defined your hair some. What are your thoughts on this bar? I've been looking at it, since I love KBB's Juicy Poo bar which also has ACV and detangles my hair.

Shawnystheone said...

Hali , its pretty swanky!!!

Nat, I cant function without four sections during washing , lol/

It did detangle and define my hair really well , more so than the Juicy Bar, the only difference is sometimes after the Juicy bar my hair feels a little waxy. I like it alot though

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