Saturday, September 17, 2011

JML Transition to Natural-Coiling Creme Pudding

OK so I really wasn't a fan of any of the Jamaican Mango and Lime products before. I saw them for years in the local beauty supply store but was never moved to try them ,even prior to knowing how to read the labels to see what ingredients. Well lo and behold a week ago I walk into a local BSS and see that JML is caught hip to the natural game. I know their products were catered to naturals before but these new products are being geared to help you TRANSITION to natural.  I was really intrigued.   It seems there is a Coiling Creme Pudding , Springing Gel,  Detangling Spray,  Conditioner, Shampoo and something geared to allow you to transition without doing a  big chop. It seems to be a thermal product if I'm not mistaken, called Thermo Control Serum.  I tried to go to their website to see if it listed all of the products but it seems to be under construction, so for now all I have is their Facebook page.  If you search the Internet the products are all over the place though.

 I couldn't decide  between the Creme Pudding and the Springing Gel at first but eventually decided to go with the pudding for twist outs.  It is a pudding consistency with a vanilla color to it.  After feeling it , I could tell I would need to seal the twists with an oil based product to seal in the moisture. I used Karen's Body Beautiful Butter love to seal and twist with.

The ingredients aren't that bad at all and I paid $4.49

Deionized water, calendula oil, glycerol, soybean oil, sunflower oil, palmorosa oil, babassu oil, glycerin, hydrolyzed keratin, chitosan succinamide, polyquaterium 10, polyquaterium 32, dmdm hydantoin, avocado extract, lemongrass, sweet fennel extract, rosewater, chlorophyll, orange peel extract, sage, hazel nut oil, ginger root extract, fragrance

MY overall view is , I will finish this but I don't repurchase, as my hair was drying it was so soft, I was amazed but after fully drying my hair was soft but felt a little thirsty at the same time. The definition didn't last that long but my hair was pliable for the next 3 days. I was able to pull it up and go about my business. All in all , I give it 4 napps!

 Wet and Drying

2nd day

Twisted bang , pulled back semi up

Pulled back on 3rd day


Naturalista said...

Day 2 looked pretty good though...

Shawnystheone said...

I know right but my hair felt dry, it just wasnt that moisturizing but hey i still could make it work if need be

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