Monday, August 29, 2011

Sheamoisture Random Giveaway- CLOSED

Has anyone tried SheaMoistures Body Scrubs?

If not and you would like to, please reply back with a comment about the most unexpected compliment you have received since going natural

I wil choose two winners in the morning. If noone replies I will continue the next day but change the question.

Jarmelia and Angelique please send me your mailing addresses to 

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Jarmelia said...

I haven't received any weird comments. One woman told me I was beautiful in the health food store once and caught me off guard b/c she came up to me and was in awestruck or something....

Shawnystheone said...

LOL@ or something.

It didnt have to be a weird comment , just an unexpected compliment when you least expected it.

I remember one time, I was standing in line with some random twists, and this man said to me, " Your hair is beautiful", It made me so happy inside because I wasnt really feeling my hair that day but it showed me that people notice even when you dont think so.

Angelique said...

A lady at church told me who does your hair and I told her I do and she said it was always gorgeous and I must have limber fingers.

Coya S. said...

My boyfriend said one day while my hair was in twists, " would look really nice with dreads."

HMMMMM OK DEN.... lol (Nope. I love my loose hair too much!!!)

Vetsnatural said...

I was at the bowling alley in the ladies getting ready for league and I was releasing some big twists for a twist out when a lady said she had been meaning to tell me how wonderfully healthy, shiny and nice my natural hair looks and that she wishes that others would take note and give Natural hair a try. I smiled because I really was feeling like Ceilee from the color purple until that compliment. I told her thank you and that I love my natural hair.

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