Monday, August 22, 2011

Original Moxie samples

OM Samples
 Braid out bang with Shape Shifter
WnG with OM Shape Shifter Re-forming Creme

Anyone else try this line? I've tried the Shape Shifter for a WnG, wasn't that impressed. Tried a little of it on my bangs for a braid out and it seemed to work better than way.

 I purchased in sample sizes the, EveryDay Leave-in,  Intense Quench conditioner for dry hair and the Hair Bling high shine Pomade

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Angelique said...

Ignoring this post lol!!! I can't buy anymore hair products.

Naturalista said...

I love the hair bling and lux locks. The Just gel and LI didnt wow me. Made my hair look like a daggone mop. I havent tried the shape shifter yet. What did you use under it?

Shawnystheone said...

I dont even remember, I didnt like any of the samples I purchased. Im not knocking the line but for the price I should have been amazed and I wasnt!

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