Monday, August 1, 2011

Etsy Find: Naturalista Cosmetics

Old jars

As usually around a month ago I was on NaturallyCurly website and noticed this new etsy shop. I was intrigued by the names Juicy Hair Leave in Conditioner and AloeFlax  Gel. So I did what I usually do, ordered it lol.  I however was not happy when my products arrived. My Juicy Hair Leave in Conditioner was melted and my AloeFlax Gel was seeping all over the place and extra liquid like.  A few suggested I place them in the fridge to firm back up. It worked like a charm and the owner of the shop was nice enough to offer to replace them for me.

New Jars

This stuff right here is the BUSINESS, however it seems to only work on dry or damp hair for me.  Even after melting and being liquid ( the gel) I was impressed with the performance of the products. I'm impatient and I like to go straight from wet to styling , hence my love of WnGs. I can see this being a lovely staple in the fall and winter weather. for protective styling or twistouts/braidouts/bantu knot outs, etc  If you're not a fan of Shea butter than the Juicy Leave In Conditioner might not be for you, however I found it to be light  and airy as I was applying it to each section of hair prior twisting. The shine from the leave in and gel together  was so outstanding , however it couldn't stand up to the 100 degree  weather we had so my hair poofed but boy what a satin poof it was.


Twist out with Juicy Leave In Conditioner/ AloeFlax Gel

What also stood out is the customer service of the owner.  not only did she take in account the problem getting the gel out of the jar, she offered a coupon up for me to continue shopping with her. I'm happy to see the new look of the bottles , it makes the product even more interesting to look at.

The newest product I'm trying from her is PHd- PH Balanced Detangler and Daily Leave In Conditioner

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