Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ecostyler Replacement? Xtreme Professional Styling Gel : The Review

OK so as usual on the ever-loving product pushing website aka Naturally Curly  there was thread talking about how a young lady found a gel that she feels is better than EcoStyler gel.  I was thinking too myself a lot of people have claimed this but I kept an eye on the thread.  Now I love me some Ecostyler because its cheap, I can get it locally , it defines and elongates my hair BETTER than any product out there hands down.. The only downside to Ecostyler is the level of how hard my hair winds up feeling after and the protein. My favorite natural gel is Kinky Curly s Curling Custard and we all know the price and having to watch what products you use with KCCC can be a heartache. I love it though because it really defines my hair and leave its so soft. Well. so now you say there is something better than Ecostyler? I kept my eyes out locally and lo and behold Tuesday night I saw it in a local Beauty Supply Store.  The natural who started the thread mentioned the green one which I saw but I didn't want to get  a  large jar of if I didn't like it, so I settled on the small 8.8oz clear jar.

Directions:  apply in your hands, rub palms to evenly distribute, then apply as needed to either wet or dry hair, comb as desired.
First Impressions: The product has a subtle, sweet  smell that I found very pleasant. The consistency is like Ecostyler gel  but it feels heavier as you apply it. My hair was so shiny and  elongated but best of all as it was drying my hair felt moist. It didn't harden until the next day,  but even then it wasn't a crunch it was more so a firm hold. Right now I'm so in love with how much softer my hair is compared to Ecostyler that Im scared that it was a fluke lol. I only used CJ Smoothing Lotion underneath as a leave in conditioner.
Concerns/Expectations: I hope it continues to perform the same if I choose to use it in the winter because glycerin is the 5th ingredient

Price $1.29
Wet WnG/No Flash
Wet WnG/Flash
3 Days later
Before bed at the end of day3


Naturalista said...

What's the verdict??

Shawnystheone said...


I dont know how it will work in the winter/fall though. Im going to play around with it though to see

Natavia Johnson said...

Is there protein in this product?

Shawnystheone said...

No, there isn't any protein in this gel Natavia

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