Friday, July 29, 2011

Curly Kinks : Coil Jam

 I was so anxious to try this line out that the anticipating was killing me lol. Holding the jar of Coil Jam it seemed to be comparable to Kinky Curly Curling Custard but once I actually opened the jar and started to smooth it into my hair , it seems to be very light weight.  I have to say the leave in conditioner wowed me instantly.  It seemed not only slippery but moisturizing at the same time.

After applying both products to my whole head, I wasn't impressed with how my hair appeared.  It seemed to be so lightweight that my hair waved up instead of its usually curl. I felt like I was having or  have a lot of frizz .  A friend pointed out that maybe it was weighing my hair down hence it waving but for some reason to me it just seemed to be light going on when I was applying it to my hair.

,I wanted to clarify so I used NjoiCreations Bentonite Clarifying Hair Mask. I left that on for around 20 minutes to ensure my hair was clean from any prior products. After rinsing my hair felt really clean  yet still soft and supple. I love bentonite clay because it really works at cleaning the hair.
NjoiCreations Bentonite Clay Mask

After rinsing

 I parted my hair into my usual four sections and proceeded to add the Curly Kinks Satin Roots leave in to each section followed by the Coil Jam. The Coil Jam spreads really easy over the hair , its slippery but but not overly so.  I didn't have a lot of drying time that night so my results weren't the best, in my mind. It seemed though that hair had a firm hold but it wasn't crispy or brittle at all.

 I am going to have to try it again this weekend and get a better drying time down so the product can dry in my hair correctly. I kept my Wash and Go for 5 days before washing and using it for twists ( I will review using it for twists at a later date). I didn't have to apply any other products for 3 days, I just tied it down at night and in the morning fluff and go. I went to the gym on day 4 and didn't have time to refresh or rewash but it held up nicely.

WnG day 4 ( after gym)
1st Day of Twists
All in all so far I can say these products have great potential and with a little tweaking, trial and error Im sure I can get them to work perfectly for me!


Vetsnatural said...

I actually tried my sample sizes out today and I did not clarify but I did shampoo. I normally do not use products that build up on my hair so I guess it was ok just shampooing. My hair actually curled like it normally does but with more shrinkage than I normally experience, right away... but that was cool. I used my diffuser a little to help the drying process. The hair is definitely not crunch and has great movement. Frizz, is not too bad it is a very humid day and I will have to see how it holds up. Doesnt seem too bad a product though. Glad I got samples and they are enough to do a couple applications on my hair.

Shawnystheone said...

OH let me know how it holds up and please post some pictures. Im interested to see your results!

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