Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring is the in air you say, Well Hair its time to come out and play: 2

Next up we have Danielle  who was gracious enough to share information on what she has/does when the spring and summer weather hits us, I discovered her thru NaturallyCurly as well. I noticed her smile first and her hair second. I think we are also both in the same county in NJ. I'm looking forward to meeting her soon at a local hair get together.

I'm actually on my second big chop. I big chopped in 2008 but only made six months before relaxing again. This time around, I found what worked for my hair and have been fully natural since my big chop in February 2010.

Hair Type? I don't really follow the hair typing system. Honestly, my hair can look so many different ways depending on how MJ's feeling. (MJ is my name for my fro because of the curl that falls to the front.) If its important to you, look at the pictures and take a guess. lol! My hair is color treated, low porosity, medium texture, and frizzy. I've learned to embrace frizz instead of making it my enemy and I'm better for it.

My go to hairstyles are wash n gos and braidouts. With my first big chop, I relied on gel to style my wash and gos throughout the summer and my hair soon felt dry and lifeless. This time around, I discovered cream stylers like Bee Mine Luscious Balancing Moisturizer, Donna Marie Dream Curling Creme, and Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream. I'm not saying gels are bad. They weren't the best fit for me. If you're disappointed with the hold of gels, I say try a cream styler.

I try to adhere to a less is more attitude about my hair. Summer hair usually requires nothing more than a leave-in and holding product. And when I say less, I also mean the amount of product I actually use. My hair only appears to be thick. Too much product and my hair gums up horribly. The last thing you need in a humid NJ summer is sticky hair. Not only is it uncomfortable but you will attract bugs. lol!

This year, I realize I may have to tweak my regimen since I have more hair. I'm thinking about cutting more shape into my mane to make the curls have more movement. I'm also working on more styles so maybe I can wear twists in a bun to give my scalp some air as the weather heats up.

You can find me on my blog, It's a mish mash blog of hair, beauty, and style. Basically its my personal journey to rediscovering my own sense of style. Somewhere, I lost my mojo but I've been getting it back!


F.a.Ellis said...

Great post I will be definitely coming ,back to this blog for some much neded info.Especially since the summer time is just around the corner.

Amina said...

I loove Danielle! Her blog is fabulous and yes I am a big fan of her hair too!!!
Her smile is so contagious and I hope I'll get to met her one day :)

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Danielle, first off you've got the best name ever :)
Second, I'm glad you got your mojo back, never to be lost again.
Third...i love your curls!!


d said...

Aww! I didn't know this went up. My head has been in the sand. Thanks again Shawny for asking me to participate and thanks ladies for the compliments!

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