Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is the in air you say, Well Hair its time to come out and play.

Hello my lovelies, its that time again ,time where all your friends that you couldn’t play with in the winter decide to come out and play. Its that time where water is your best friend and you have no issues with that moisture seeping out. Spring and summertime! It’s the best part of the year for me. All of my humectants laden products work with the weather and I can be as carefree as I want to, so I decided to ask a few friends, what you do in the spring and summer?

First up in this series is Princess Presto, I uh stalked… OK e-met this lovely young woman on Naturally Curly and I just love her hair. It looks so thick, lush and just as happy as can be. You can find her on NC or on Fotki.

I've been natural since the early 1990s. I had an ill-advised texturizer moment in 2005 and about 2 months after that I re- BC'd back to natural hair and later on locs again. I cut my last set in 2008. I cut my hair very short on the sides and back in Fall 2009 to change the shape/balance of my hair because the nape area tends to outgrow the rest.

My favorite Spring/Summer styles: 1. Wash & Go using a rinsing conditioner (Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying), leave-in (Lily of the Desert Aloe 80 Certified Organic Daily Conditioner with Aloe, Lemon and Rosemary with some EVOO added), followed by gel( Eco Styler Extra Firm Gel, Yellow) to sections. WnG's are great for warm weather because it's a good way to cool off and the hair dries much faster.

 2. Any kind of updo to beat the heat. The other day I had a 90s moment and rolled the back up and arranged the crown and bangs kinda up, forward, and sideways. This was the 3rd day of a wash and go. I plan to wear it this way a lot this summer.


 3. Finally, there's also the trusty headband. This is on a 2nd or 3rd day wash and go. I used to do something similar with a braid-out, twist-out, or locs.



Amina said...

omg!! Her hair is gooorgeous!!

Shawnystheone said...

I know , its just AMAZING!!!!

Coya S. said...

Thanks for sharing!!!!


I love her hair

Angelique said...

Is it bad that I want to stick my hands in her hair!!!!!

Shawnystheone said...

Nope but you have to beat me to her Angelique lol I have dibs!!!

♥ Halibel - Da - Barbie ♥ said...

Nom, nom nom on her hair all day!!!

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