Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hairveda Methi Sativa Tea

I purchased this in 2009 and wasn't sure how I was going to implement it into my regimen.  I am protein sensitive and usually use light proteins or henna to keep my hair in balance. Too much moisture and my hair goes mush mush. Well I was intrigued by this and decided to purchase it.  I received two huge 16ozs jars, step one and step two.Well goodness gracious , this is some GREAT stuff and whats even better is , you can use either one or both together.  In the summer time,  I was having a great time getting Kinky Curly Curling Custard to absorb, it was so sticky and gooky feeling , so I added step 2 on top of it and voila, the results was soft touchable coiled hair.

In the recent Hairveda Spring sale ,  I decided to repurchase because I'm almost out. Well it looks like the labels have changed and Step one isn't as watery as it was. Its more like a creamy oatmeal now. The Step two also seems to be more creamy. Hopefully it continues to work the same.

Old Step 1

New Step 1

Methi Sativa System- Protein Botanical Hair Rejuvenator
MS System is intended to provide rich protein and moisture to deprived hair

Step 1 Protein Masque:
Provides rich wheat and soy proteins to help strengthen and enrich hair

Step 2 Recovery Rinse :

Designed to restore balance. Step 2 is filled with moisturizing goodies for restoring moisture
Our system is highly natural, only infused with the cream of the crop in ingredients. You’ll love the way our system makes your hair feel! We’ve worked hard to make a system that is highly natural and nourishing to your strands. Use once per month for best results.

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