Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garnier Frucis Style Pure Clean:: Gel

OK so Garnier has came up with this new Pure Clean lineup, in it are style products and of course a shampoo and conditioner. 92% biodegradable products infused with acerola berry antioxidant, no silicone, parabens or dye.. The bottle even contains 50% post consumer recycled plastic.

Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo , Fortifying Conditioner, Pure Clean Smoothing Cream, Gel, and Wax

I purchased the gel from a local StopnShop near me around two weeks ago and I have to say for the price I am impressed($4.49).I applied this with a light leave in conditioner on freshly cowashed hair and airdried. I application was so smooth and effortless. It wasnt tacky , gummy or weird feeling. I like the smell as well , its a crisp clean fresh scent.  It has the feel of ecostyler but if it was humid outside I have a feeling it would draw more moisture instead of hold. I will be on the look out for the wax, smooth cream and conditioner.

1st Day

2nd Day Hair


zainab1 said...

Sounds great! ..I may give this one a try as well. Although my hoily grail gel is the kiss my face upper management that gel!

but, this one sounds great also...Thanks for sharing . Take care :)

zainab1 ( formerly of AuNaturale)

Shawnystheone said...

Hey, how are you? ltns?? I hope all is well

it is a pretty awesome gel , more hold than the upper management gel though but still nice

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