Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ayurveda Surprise: Khus Khus

 I was on AyurNatural Beauty website trying to place an order for the Jamaican Black Castor oil shampoo from Tropical Isle and I saw this body butter called Jamaican Black Castor oil Khus Khus body butter.  I was immediately intrigued because of the product description. I didnt realize that I had grown up with this being used in my grandmothers house in JA.  My mother walked by as I was ordering the body butter and started talking about how my grandmother would have the plants in the drawers and underneath the couch for smell as she would say.

Ahhh, the pleasant smell of khus khus has made it a popular ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics alike. Also known as vetiver, this fragrant grass dates back centuries as a main herb in ayurveda, mainly used to cure skin inflammation and joint pains. Khus Khus is commonly found in tropical climates and Jamaica is no exception. It is from the Jamaican traditional uses and practices for khus khus that brings this latest offering from Tropic Isle Living marrying khus khus and Jamaican black castor oil! Feel relaxed as this soothing butter brings relief to many common skin ailments. Its excellent for massage use as well!

Ingredients: Khus Khus, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Wheat Germ, Grapeseed, Avocado, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter

Tropic Isle Jamaican Khus Khus Body Butter can be used for the following:

Dry skin, Stretch marks, Tones skin, Acne, Soothes irritated and inflamed skin, Fat cracks, Heals cuts and wounds, Burns, Sun stroke, Fungal infected fingers and toes, Rash, Eczema, Shield against environment, Scars, Excellent for massaging

Did someone say the main herb in ayurveda/?  Immediately I started to some research on this.  I cant wait to receive this and will keep you updated as the ingredients seem very simple and to the point

English name :Khus-Khus Grass

Ayurvedic name :Sevendara

Scientific name : Vertiveria zizaniodies

Curative Properties This plant is used in the treatment of typhoid fever, haemoptysis, phtisis, anaemia, and skin and blood diseases. It is also used for urinary disorders, piles and as a coolant and blood purifier


Makeup Vixen said...

I used the Khus Khus in my c-section scar and it worked great, faded nicely. Now I use Seabuckthorn Salve from Chgrin Valley on it and it's making it fade more but the Khus Khus set the ground work. We had it in Trinidad too.

Shawnystheone said...

oh wow Makeup , its so nice to see another review. I couldnt find a thing on this , other than from my family

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