Monday, February 28, 2011

Going Natural Fashion Party

 I attended the  feedback for the runnerups of the current Americas Next top Natural Model yesterday in Brooklyn with a fellow PJ Natural Naturalista from NaturallyCurly. I'm mad my eyes were closed lol but we had a FAB time and I cant wait to see who wins.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Happy Nappy Affair's February Giveaway Winners

 Thank you for all the great comments and participation of Natural Jenesis.  It was a slight delay in reading through the comments and I loved everyones responses .

 The two winners for the February giveaway are Demetra

In 2011 I plan to maintain a full set of healthy hair. In 2010 I was so focused on gaining length that I failed to take care of my ends which resulted in severely damaged ends. All of my progress was gone when I had to cut off two inches of hair, but it taught me a hard lesson. Although length is great, hair is not very enjoyable when it is breaking, thinning, and has split ends. I would much rather have short healthy hair than long, unhealthy hair. In order to achieve my goal of healthier hair, I will be incorporating henna, honey, African black soap, qhemet biologics moisturizers, and gentle manipulation of my hair into my regimen.Rather than washing and conditioning my hair once a month as I did in 2010, I will shampoo with black soap every two- weeks and deep-condition with desert essences coconut conditioner and honey every week. I will then apply my amla and olive heavy cream to my protective style and seal with a lighter oil such as grapeseed or avocado oil. Also every month I will perform a henna treatment using this recipe( 50g of reshma henna, 5 tbsp of honey, 1 cup of steeped green tea, 2 tbsp of conditionr, and 2tbsp of coconut cream). This recipe will ensure that the henna treatment does not dry out my hair too much I will then follow my treatment by deep conditioning with desert essences coconut conditioner and honey. I have also recently found out about the dangers of combs with seams, and I have decided to switch to seamless combs. Hopefully this will prevent a lot of my split ends. By implementing this new regimen I hope to reach armpit length hair with full healthy ends.


Hmmmm, lets see. What do I want to achieve in my natural hair journey for 2011. I think I want to focus on on keeping my hair healthy and thick for starters. Being as patient as possible when it comes to my hair. I learned that is a top requirement when it comes to natural hair--I suffered from a couple of setbacks because I lacked that last year. =( But I am going to work hard on the PATIENCE part this year!

Another thing I want change is my hair color (or at least try some), I am really on the edge of wondering do I want to mess with color. *le sigh* The thing I am scared if is setbacks, I don't want anymore those. Plus, my hair can get pretty dry at times. So I guess I am going to dabble a bit in Semi-perm colors and see how I like it. And see if I want to take the plunge! hehe.

That about sums it up. All in all, I hope it will be a good year for my hair! =D

Please send me your mailing addresses as soon as you can and for further information.

Again thank you every one for stopping by as well as Natural Jenesis

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lolas Green Hair : Anita Grant Rhassoul Giveaway

I was on Facebook and noticed this , so I thought I would share. Lola Green is giving away some of Anita Grants Rhassoul Cubes in a giveaway, please click the link for more information

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ayurveda Surprise: Khus Khus

 I was on AyurNatural Beauty website trying to place an order for the Jamaican Black Castor oil shampoo from Tropical Isle and I saw this body butter called Jamaican Black Castor oil Khus Khus body butter.  I was immediately intrigued because of the product description. I didnt realize that I had grown up with this being used in my grandmothers house in JA.  My mother walked by as I was ordering the body butter and started talking about how my grandmother would have the plants in the drawers and underneath the couch for smell as she would say.

Ahhh, the pleasant smell of khus khus has made it a popular ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics alike. Also known as vetiver, this fragrant grass dates back centuries as a main herb in ayurveda, mainly used to cure skin inflammation and joint pains. Khus Khus is commonly found in tropical climates and Jamaica is no exception. It is from the Jamaican traditional uses and practices for khus khus that brings this latest offering from Tropic Isle Living marrying khus khus and Jamaican black castor oil! Feel relaxed as this soothing butter brings relief to many common skin ailments. Its excellent for massage use as well!

Ingredients: Khus Khus, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Wheat Germ, Grapeseed, Avocado, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter

Tropic Isle Jamaican Khus Khus Body Butter can be used for the following:

Dry skin, Stretch marks, Tones skin, Acne, Soothes irritated and inflamed skin, Fat cracks, Heals cuts and wounds, Burns, Sun stroke, Fungal infected fingers and toes, Rash, Eczema, Shield against environment, Scars, Excellent for massaging

Did someone say the main herb in ayurveda/?  Immediately I started to some research on this.  I cant wait to receive this and will keep you updated as the ingredients seem very simple and to the point

English name :Khus-Khus Grass

Ayurvedic name :Sevendara

Scientific name : Vertiveria zizaniodies

Curative Properties This plant is used in the treatment of typhoid fever, haemoptysis, phtisis, anaemia, and skin and blood diseases. It is also used for urinary disorders, piles and as a coolant and blood purifier

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anita Grant: Conditioning Spa Mud Part 2

Ah I love this stuff right here, my hair is so airy and light. The curl definition is outstanding and I don't need that much product in my hair.  I was going to twist it, but its so pretty I cant see myself to mess with it lol.

 I keep touching the back which is so very soft.  OK so I let the mud in for around 40 minutes after shampooing with Deity of America Plant Shampoo, after rinsing the  shampoo out , I applied the clay mixture. I kept it in while cooking and watching television , then rinsed it out. Ahhhh, the softness, the definition, it was wonderful. 

I added in some of Darcy's Botanicals  Shea Butter Curl Moisturizing cream as a leave in conditioner on each section of my hair . I made four parts and then put each of those sections in ponytails.  As I took down one section, getting ready to twist with  Darcy's Botanicals Curling Cream gel, I kept staring at how perfectly coiled my hair was , so I said what the heck and applied the Curling Cream to the first two sections and left the back in the two ponytails LOL  Its not a style but it just feels so freeing not to have to style my hair and twist it. I know I'm going to have to do it at sometime down the road this week but lets see how my hair holds up overnight.

Rhassoul Deep Conditioner added

Rinsed out , headed for the leave in

DBs Shea butter Cream and Curling Gel Cream

Y'all see that henna strand lol

Anita Grant: Conditioning Spa Mud

I love rhassoul clay, it is one of the best clays out there in my view. I came to know of this clay from hearing the wonders of Anita Grants Natural and Organic Deep, Chocolate Rich, Conditioning Spa Mud for Thick Curly Hair, Coily Hair and Natural Afro Hair, doesn't that sound enticing right off the bat?

Our Rhassoul Deep Condishes contains Unrefined Black Cocoa Butter & natural Soya based Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) which helps to guard scalp & hair from free radical damage. When hot liquid is added to our Rhassoul Deep Condishes, it swells & increases its surface area like a highly porous sponge. Attracting & trapping toxins into these open porous spaces so that when it comes time to rinse the Rhassoul Deep Condish from your hair the toxins are eliminated and you're left with detoxified fluffy soft tresses.

So instead of a Hot Oil treatment why not detoxify your scalp & hair

 I just had to have me some of this stuff, so I placed my order and darn near cried because it took well over a month to get to me lol. I was hot and fit to be tied. Well it arrived and it was love at first melt but I didn't like the fact that I had to order it online so I broke the ingredients down and simply purchased rhassoul clay. I add my own ingredients and I am never disappointed.

Well every now and again I receive a treat and this weekend I decided to break out a square of Anita Grants Rhassoul Clay and deep condition and  detoxify my hair at the same time.  I use hot flax seed water as my liquid and simply poured it over the square and let it melt. I will be applying it to freshly washed hair although usually I use it as a pre poo and put it right on top of dirty hair. Never fails either way. Here are some pre pictures .

Flax seeds simmering in water

Dirty hair

All melted down and mixed

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Butters-n-Bars Conditioning Hair Masque

Butters-N-Bars Conditioning Hair Masque not only condition and moisturize, they aid in redefining curl patterns making detangling and styling natural hair a breeze.Good for all hair types, our conditioning hair masque leave hair soft, manageable.

Original Conditioning Hair Masque which has a mixture of Australian Pink Clay, Moroccan Mud, and raw Honey to provide super moisturizing and is recommended for dry hair to restore the moisture balance. Silk protein and hemp seed oil for sheen and to strengthen. This is the deep treatment for those who want the conditioning effect of henna without the color, loosening of curls, and sometimes drying that comes with
henna.Curl Poppin', Shine and Define!!!!

Ingredients: 100% Australian Pink clay and Moroccan Mud (Rasshoul clay), organic aloe vera juice, virgin hemp seed oil, organic virgin olive oil ,organic raw honey and silk protein in the form of amino acids, and germall (formaldehyde and sulfate free preservative)

Directions for use: Apply liberally to clean hair, be sure to coat all the hair to the ends. Leave on at least 30 minutes (overnight for a deeper condition) Cover hair with a plastic cap or bag if desired.Rinse with warm water until no traces of masque remain in hair (a good indicator is rinse until the water runs clear)DO NOT SHAMPOO AFTERWARD

 I had such high hopes for this, it sounded like a heavenly clay mix come down to bless my hair with utter softness.  Alas it was not to be.  I know this is going to sound weird but it felt like clay.  I know you're saying to yourself,  uh duh it is clay, how else is it suppose to feel lol. Well usually with rhassoul or bentonite ,once mixed and applied to my hair , the clay feels smooth and moist.  This stuff even when wet , it felt like grainy clay that someone picked up off the side of the road.  I was not impressed and this ish was hell to get out of my hair. I rinsed my hair until the water ran white, then applied my leave in , so I look in the mirror and there are pink particles stuck to my hair and only appeared because the leave in was white. I had to shampoo my hair to get it out , which is a darn no no. The instructions even tell me not to shampoo it out but I rinsed my hair 4 times not including using conditioner and it was still stuck to my scalp.  After the first rinse, my hair was soft and supple though my hair doesn't feel as conditioned as it normally feels. I roped my son in to test it out lol. His hair was really nice as well but he only has an inch of hair so it rinsed out easy for him.

Well  I wasn't going to let this go to waste so I tried it on my friends hair as well.  I applied it to dry dirty hair and when I rinsed it out of her hair , it felt the same. Neither soft nor hard, just normal. I will say though that after deep conditioning her hair felt so  soft  and satiny  This however will not be a repurchase,  I'm even put off on trying to buy pink clay alone and seeing how that works out,

Hair with Clay

 After using Jane Carters Leave in Conditioner and Myashas Sunkised Polisher to style

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cherry Lola Treatment

Cherry Lola ingredients
 I'm sure many of you have heard of this treatment before. It is a mixture of Liquid Amino Acids, Baking Soda and Yogurt. In essence a protein treatment but some folks have claimed it loosens the curls and what not. I've used yogurt many times in my hair over the years and can tolerate milk protein better than silk protein so I had no worries on that part. Well I took 4 ounces of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and about 2 tablespoons of the liquid amino acid and mixed it together.

Hair Prior
Twist out prior

 Treatment in

 I kept the treatment in for only 20 minutes because I have never used baking soda before, I had no worries about the yogurt but I wanted to be careful with using things I had never used together before. As I was applying it to my hair , its very messy so be careful , my hair felt so heavy and weighed down. It was like my hair was absorbing the mixture. It never hardened on me at all , It basically looked and felt like I had conditioner on my hair. After rinsing my hair felt neither soft nor hard, just normal. My curls weren't any looser or  tighter than normal. Well I went straight to  co washing and goodness gracious my hair felt like butter as soon as the conditioner hit my hair.

 I used  Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner and then applied my Leave in of Oyins Hair Dew. After that I used the Tangle Teezer to detangle with and then twisted with Myashas Heavenly Hair Creme. The next day my twist out was so light and airy . My hair felt as if nothing was on it. Just a beautiful soft , sheeny twist out.  So overall I give the cherry Lola treatment 5 napps up

 Twist out next day

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