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2011 Small Business Spotlight: She's doing her Thing: Sweet Nature by Eddie

 Sweet Nature by Eddie is one of the very first natural lines that I tried out in my journey. I was surprised and pleased that everything in her line was very simple yet efficient . I have a firm belief that natural haircare shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. I came across her products via fotki and its where she got her start if I am correct. From day one she has been consistent in bettering herself and turning out outstanding products.

She was very willingly to give me a little snippet into her life thus far.

 After suffering the devastating effects of severe hair loss and damage related to the mishandling of her hair and using products that contained less than favorable ingredients, Eddie began to research ways to grow her hair healthier, stronger and longer. She purchased every product in the beauty supply store that claimed to be a miracle cure for damaged hair, but found that these products did not live up to their claims and some actually did the exact opposite of what they promised they would do. Along her journey to healthy hair she discovered priceless information regarding the harmful ingredients contained in hair care products geared towards African Americans; the most effective ways of washing, conditioning and handling African American hair; the most beneficial ingredients for African American hair; and much more. She compiled her research and authored the Comprehensive Guide to Growing African American Hair to Its Fullest Potential. The guide includes everything one would need in order to grow and maintain healthy hair. The book is extremely informational, entertaining as well as easy to follow and understand. There is a chart included in the book which reveals the hair-friendly foods, vitamins and minerals, a glossary of ingredients to avoid, as well as a section of homemade deep conditioner recipes. The back cover documents 18 months of Eddie’s hair growth, which is quite impressive.

The information Eddie discovered during her research was extremely valuable, but it did not solve the problem of finding healthy hair care products at reasonable prices. This led her to formulate a comprehensive hair care system, Sweet Nature by Eddie. For years she used homemade concoctions that contained ingredients essential for strong hair and a healthy scalp. While using these products in conjunction with her research findings, Eddie consistently saw tremendous improvements and extraordinary growth with her hair, including growing her relaxed hair past her shoulders and later managing her very thick natural hair. She then began to make the concoction for family and friends along with providing them with a copy of instructions, which she later turned into a book, and they too began to have unprecedented hair growth.

How It All Started

In early 2007, Eddie worked full-time, was a full time Human Services student and was beginning her divorce proceedings. Concerned for her ability to balance her extremely full life and work, her employer gave her the ultimatum of dropping out of school or losing her job. With bills mounting, a mortgage to pay and two children to support, Eddie decided her education was more important and opted to continue school and leave her job in September 2007. As she walked out on her job, she had no back-up plan, no options or any alternative means to support her family other than unemployment benefits, which would not be enough. Quickly, she realized that she would have to sale her home. After getting it appraised, she was told that its value had gone down tens of thousands of dollars, thus her only option was to file bankruptcy. Preparation for this major life transition was difficult for her to say the least.

While going through a mountain of trials, Eddie searched for peace and clarity through constant prayer, learning meditation and reading “The Secret”. This quickly allowed her to become focused, peaceful, and calm, yet it motivated and energized her and her creativity began to flow. She soon began to see the blessings in losing her job, her pending divorce, and being released from her upside down home loan. She was no longer stressed and her feelings and thoughts became increasingly positive and her confidence soared. In November of 2007, she envisioned a website; one to help women get through trials as she had faced; a website that provided resources, and support for single mothers or women facing tribulations; a site where women like herself were encouraged, inspired and featured for their strength, courage, and success. When she awakened; she began research on how to build a website and within one week, was born.

During this same period, Eddie had continued to get rave compliments on her hair and was encouraged by her family and friends to market her products. With no prior experience in business or marketing and only having the background of stirring up a couple ingredients in a bowl, she went to the health food store and purchased a bunch of raw ingredients to tweak her concoction and make it more marketable and appealing. As she sat in her kitchen adding a tablespoon of this and a cup of that; she felt as if she had been making her products her entire life. She knew exactly which ingredients should go first and which should go last, she was able to distinguish how high to heat and how low to cool the mixtures, and easily determined appropriate measurements, as if she was given a recipe from God. Because her products were birthed during a very difficult time in her life, she wanted to share her journey with all that purchased them, so she tells her stories of triumph, encouragement, and struggle on the labels of her products and called them Sweet Nature by Eddie.

Because Eddie considered herself more of a teacher than an entrepreneur, she wanted to educate her customers and not just sell them products. She wanted to share all of the knowledge she had on growing her hair healthy, strong and long, so she authored a book on the subject. She also writes hair care articles for several online magazines and blogs and she gives FREE hair consultations, workshops and seminars.

In 2009, Eddie received Female Entrepreneur of the 1990’s during a citywide high school reunion; she was promoted to Platinum author for the quality of her hair care articles, and was accepted in the Who’s Who in America Directory for her work in the hair care industry. She has been awarded for her superior customer service through Merchant Circle in April of 2010 and she will be opening her very own Sweet Nature store in June of 2010. Eddie is in the process of training 16 distributors all over the United States in giving her hair care workshops as well as opening their own Sweet Nature store.

For more information, please visit or email Eddie at or call 616-821-1190

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