Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pura Body Naturals

 I have been reading reviews on this line for the past two to three months so  I reached out to the owner to inquire further. She not only has hair products but soy candles, mineral eye shadow and body products. What really caught my eye though, was the introduction on the home page.

Bringing the Beautiful Benefits of the Amazon Rainforest to You

The Amazon Rainforest is a broad leaf forest that covers most of South America. The total area of the rain forest is 7 million square kilometers and spread over Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname, and French Guiana. Currently about 50% of the world's plants and animals call the Amazon home. Over 3000 different species of fruits grow in the Amazon rainforests. While the local tribes use 2000 species of the fruits the rest of the world uses only 200.

Amazingly the trees, nuts, fruits, barks, and roots of the landscape produce some of nature's best remedies. Plants and trees with exotic names like murumuru, babassu, cupuacu, and tacuma have always been used by indigenous people for healing and beauty benefits. Pura's products are made using raw, natural Amazon ingredients and hand blended to preserve their beneficial properties. The ingredients are filled with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients needed to create healthy skin and hair.

Au Naturale stated :

 This little number is super thick ...I love that ! thumbs up for that , for my hair that means a little goes a long way, which means it will last longer and it coats my hair strands better.  The smell is light and pleasant they offer 3 scents and 1 unscented, if I had to guess I believe the one I received is the lemongrass blend .  And has a very silk like feeling to the touch. The slip is amazing,  It left my hair really soft, with a great shine. My hair fells really moisturized.   It tests at a lovely pH of 5 , you guys know  I love that.... 5 stars for that alone.  I knew as soon as I was applying it was moisturizing, based off of how it felt  going on to my hair strands.  Remember this is a not the full review.  I say that because the truth comes on days to follow based off of how well my hair is still moisturized from a product as day # 1 the very first day it was applied

Natural Review also did a postive interview on the owner and the concept behind the line.

Luvmykynxx also says:

These products undoubtedly retained more moisture in my hair than any other product I've tried in a very long time without the presence of water being added daily. I recommend Pura Body Natural Products to anyone who wants to have moisturized beautiful natural or relaxed hair. Also feel free to follow the blog for update product info to http://purabodynaturals.blogspot.com/

 With reviews like these I cant wait to test out

                                                           Cupuacu Hair Butter 

                                                       Murumuru Moisture Milk


zainab1 said...

The hair milk is great! I really like it a lot. I haven't had a change to restock my shelves , but I plan to do so in the very near future:)

Give it a try, see how you like it:) Take care


Shawnystheone said...

I loved your review when you did yours and I was foaming at the mouth!

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