Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MyhoneyChild: Sophia Old Fashioned Grease

Now this stuff right here is the perfect sealer for winter. It is as stated, an old fashioned grease like product but without all the bad ingredients. It smells like peach snapps and goes on so smooth and thicklike. It is great for twists or flat twists or any style that needs some shine added. You cant beat the price ($5.50) and even though the  jar is 4ozs you do not need a lot to get the job done.

The Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease is a hair grease, that can be used on natural and pressed hair. Lightly peach scented. Sometimes a girl just gotta have some hair grease . Don't say UGG! , you all know we was raised on grease. Blue Magic, the green colored grease was my momma's thing . Well this was inspired by the old days, but minus the petroleum , with all natural ingredients . Momma would be proud. Love you Maggi.
Ingredients :Sunflower Butter, Raw Honey, Rosemary oil , Olive Oil, Fruit Enzymes, and Fresh Peach oil.

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G said...

I've been eyeing this for a minute. Loving the shine. Thanks for the review.

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