Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MyAshas: Honeydew Moisture Balance Treatment

i have been a fan of Myashas products going on four years, I first learned of this line through Nappturality which is where if I'm not mistaken the owner started posting before she launched her line. I truly enjoy her products because their are basic and just oozing of nourishing ingredients. The major downfall is the waiting time for the products to arrive. I mean its enough to turn any consumer off , as long as I have been purchasing from her the wait time has not decreased so in order for me to not go stir crazy I only order once a year. The hands down favorite of her line is this deep treatment. Honeydew Moisture Balance Treatment, the name just sounds succulent. I love using this treatment especially during stressful times. The essential oils with the mixture of honey just lingers in my hair after using and I seem to rest better. It is a favorite in the wintertime. You take your bottle and warm it up by letting it sit in a warm water and then apply over your hair.. You can either leave in and let your body warm it up , or sit under a dryer/steamer. Ive tried it as a prepoo, deep treatment or just a kicked up oil rinse.  If you're on the frugal side you might can alternate your favorite oil and honey along with your own essential oils.  If you can try this , I highly recommend it though. 5 napps up

Hair that is extremely dry and crisp thirst for moisture. Honey, nature's

humectant, contains wonderful benefits for the hair, serving as a good

moisturizer and conditioner. Coupled with our special herbal infusion, dry

crispy hair doesn't stand a chance against this deep conditioning treatment.

Restore life, luster and softness to your scalp and tresses and quench your

hair's thirst


Asha's herbal infusion including rosemary and lavender in olive oil, organic

honey, jojoba oil, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and essence of

sandalwood, tocopherol (vitamin E).


zainab1 said...

This sounds great! This is the first I've heard of this line. Thanks for sharing this , take care:)


Shawnystheone said...

Wow really? Myasha is one of the very first product lines to come out of Nappturality closely followed by Oyin if Im not mistaken. She has awesome products, her shipping time is the problem though

Amina said...

yep..Asha has been around since 2003 if not earlier.
looove that oil <3

Shawnystheone said...

The smell is so soothing!

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