Sunday, January 23, 2011

January's Henna Mix part 1

I'm going to start blogging my monthly henna mixes. Sometimes they change and sometimes they change depending on what I pick up first and whats on my hair as well as the length of time its going to take me to do my hair.  Since I have the next two days off , tonight is a perfect time to do my henna,

 OK so this month I used Karishma Henna,  Maka , Amla , Kalpi Tone, Fenugreek , ACV( Apple Cider Vinegar) and rosemary essential oil.(Please be careful if you decide to use rosemary EO, if you have any heart conditions , high blood pressure or are pregnant you need to check with your doctor.)

  I used plain tap water to mix it up.  I'm going to let this sit for about an hour  then stir in a little bit of honey before I apply.  My hair is dirty , greasy and puffy. Just the way I like it prior to a henna ,  Having greasy hair for me is a plus because that way the henna rinses off easier as well as its a bootleg prepoo. I added hemp seed oil and  vatika oil last night in anticipation of my henna.

I will be deep conditioning with my steamer and then twisting it up for the week after, Stay tuned.  Anyone have an outstanding henna mix , please share!


Dirty, greasy hair

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