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A Happy Nappy Affair's February Giveaway-CLOSED

The two winners will be announced shortly today


 I hope this reaches you all in good health. For the month of February I will be giving away a couple of items to two winners, We love the month of February around our house and so why not spread a little love.

 Two lucky winners will receive  each

 A Tangle Teezer

 A Sample Trio Pack From Natural Jenesis

 A Sample pack from Pura Body Naturals

This giveaway will run from January 31st,2011- February 20th,2011.  The requirements are of course you must be subscribed to my blog, and you need to leave a comment on What upcoming changes do you have planned for your natural hair in the year 2011 and what do you hope you can achieve in regards to yourself or your hair?

 We want to thank Natural Jenesis for her generous support!


Elisha said...

The upcoming changes I have for my hair for this year is to get length as much as it to remain healthy. I am excited as for tomorrow I make 8 months natural and I am still excited as I was for growth as I was when I first bc'd in June. I want to achieve a big healthy fro' using all natural products with no chemicals and to remain on the same hair regimen instead of having to change products bc of my hairs length and texture.

Nicki Valcius said...

I want to retain as much length as possible to reach shoulder length hair. But I am also challenging myself to master two strand twists and box braids! I usually stick to cornrows but twists would be much more versatile so I am committed to practicing until I get it right!

Alana said...

I am currently doing a two strand twist/ayurvedic challenge for 6 months. I will have my hair in two strand twists... taking them out every 2 weeks to wash and retwist. I will also be challenging myself to master my twists and figuring out styles for me to look age appropriate in them.

My ayuvedic hair routine will consist of vatika oil and shikaikai and brahmi powders.

My goal for this year is to reach APL. I am about a inch away from my goal

LuckySprag said...

(darnit..i erased my first comment by mistake)
I plan on doing protective styles for 2011. My goal is to get my hair the healthiest its ever hair will never go thirsty AGAIN!

Angelique said...

My upcoming changes when i get home from my deployment is to stick to a regimen and to do my ayuverdic treatments on a more steady basis. Also these are some great prizes!!!

Adriane said...

My upcoming changes for my natural hair in 2011 is to wear more protective styles and keeping them in longer. I hope to acheive from this more length retention and teach me more discipline when it comes to my hair by sticking to something long enough to see the results.

Coya S. said...

What upcoming changes do you have planned for your natural hair in the year 2011?
I definitely plan on obtaining a "signature" style for my natural hair. I have been doing tsts, but I want to learn to flat twists, do bigger, better tsts, and do a set of box braids on my hair before the year is over! :)

What do you hope you can achieve in regards to yourself or your hair?
I really, really, REALLY want to reach SL this year. This is not only for length, but also to force myself to get into the habit of doing protective styling and learn what does/doesn't work for my hair :)

Love your blog!!!! -TheSuperCoya

LolaKinkz said...

I'm only 7mths in but I want to incorporate more ayurvedic treatments into my regi. I'm already a henna head and I want to try more. I also want to make more of my own products and perfect the recipies.

Fun Times said...

I'm gonna stick to my low-manipulation/maintenance regimen and do the occasional henna treatment. Sticking to my regimen will help me to look good and save while retaining length.

Demetra said...

In 2011 I plan to maintain a full set of healthy hair. In 2010 I was so focused on gaining length that I failed to take care of my ends which resulted in severely damaged ends. All of my progress was gone when I had to cut off two inches of hair, but it taught me a hard lesson. Although length is great, hair is not very enjoyable when it is breaking, thinning, and has split ends. I would much rather have short healthy hair than long, unhealthy hair. In order to achieve my goal of healthier hair, I will be incorporating henna, honey, African black soap, qhemet biologics moisturizers, and gentle manipulation of my hair into my regimen.Rather than washing and conditioning my hair once a month as I did in 2010, I will shampoo with black soap every two- weeks and deep-condition with desert essences coconut conditioner and honey every week. I will then apply my amla and olive heavy cream to my protective style and seal with a lighter oil such as grapeseed or avocado oil. Also every month I will perform a henna treatment using this recipe( 50g of reshma henna, 5 tbsp of honey, 1 cup of steeped green tea, 2 tbsp of conditionr, and 2tbsp of coconut cream). This recipe will ensure that the henna treatment does not dry out my hair too much I will then follow my treatment by deep conditioning with desert essences coconut conditioner and honey. I have also recently found out about the dangers of combs with seams, and I have decided to switch to seamless combs. Hopefully this will prevent a lot of my split ends. By implementing this new regimen I hope to reach armpit length hair with full healthy ends.

Devonee said...

I love doing protective styles, especially two strand twists (tst). My plan for 2011 is to keep my tst in longer than one week. I'm gonna try to stretch them to two weeks. I also plan to find my staple products. I hope to achieve SL hair.

Shawnystheone said...

Thank you everyone for commenting so far, please make sure you are subsribing or let me know if you are using another application to subscribe because I dont want anyone to be disqualified if I cant verify the subbing

good luck!

Anaysa said...

This year i'm trying to :

maintain as much length as possible.

get my scalp clean without drying my hair

learn how to do a wash and go

find a detangling regimen

This year i'm babying my hair... but 2012 she's on her

Demetra said...

I am using google connect to sub to that alright?

Devonee said...

I'm also using my google account. I have subscribe to your blog. How are you able to tell if anyone is a subscriber? For someone reason, my profile does not show. I do not have a personal account. Thanks...

SoulfulSista said...

What upcoming changes do you have planned for your natural hair in the year 2011?

-I plan to try more styles this year.

What do you hope you can achieve in regards to yourself or your hair?

-I hope that this year I am able to retain at least 5 inches of growth.

Jake said...

Hi Shawny! Hope you're well. To be honest, I've been natural for almost four years and have been through many experimental phases of styling and products. However, I had to slow down when I started grad school because I needed to budget my time and finances wisely. This year in 2011, with my growing hair, less time to take care of it, and 2 months left of the dry season, I endeavor to simplify my maintenance routine, while......wait for it...... still maintaining healthy hair and the creative styles I enjoy!! I want budget and schedule friendly hair that is also fly! Is this possible? I have faith that it is. This will involve being more creative with my time, using just a few key products, and letting my styles evolve over the week.

I was recently inspired after seeing Natural Mae's week old braidout. She has more hair than I, but she only used two simple products to moisturize and style, and allowed her style to evolve into a more voluminous afro over the week. I have only been brave enough to follow such a simple routine and let my hair evolve once during finals week and I was pleasantly surprised. I wore a wash n' go bun for a few days, then spritzed it at night, braided it, and wore the braidout for four more days. Despite the frizz on the last few days, there was a certain character my hair had at that stage that it did not have when it was perfectly coifed. I was able to enjoy my hair, the style, and my free time all at once! I want to return my hair to that balance of simple maintenance and styling, embracing the volume and texture, while still looking polished and presentable everyday. It will take more experimentation, but I'm excited to explore this new chapter with my hair!

aka Locs Galore aka Lexus IS 250 (my dream car...eeeeoowww!!) said...

Well I have dreads, colored blond, so I hope to improve the health of my hair while in it's color treated state, as well as come up with a unique style each month. By November 2011, I will have been 4 years dreaded (yay for me!!!).

annleephotography said...

I plan on having more fun with my hair this year. My goal is to wear an up do once a week. I'm developing a new routine for myself by wearing a protective style for a few days, then wearing an out style, ending with an updo.

I hope to have the hair that I lust over, (like yours) instead of sticking to boring styles.

urbansophistication said...

What upcoming changes do you have planned for your natural hair in the year 2011 and what do you hope you can achieve in regards to yourself or your hair?

For 2011, the changes I have planned for my hair is to STOP doing search and destroy cuts (it's a bad habit I have), to drink more water and be consistent with babying my ends.

What I plan to achieve in regards of myself or my hair is for myself I am striving to eat and live healthier. I'm sure with taking vitamins, exercising, and drinking the appropriate amounts of water my hair and my body will thank me. I hope with doing these things my hair will grow longer and healthier.

♥ Halibel - Da - Barbie ♥ said...

Hi there!

Hmmmm, lets see. What do I want to achieve in my natural hair journey for 2011. I think I want to focus on on keeping my hair healthy and thick for starters. Being as patient as possible when it comes to my hair. I learned that is a top requirement when it comes to natural hair--I suffered from a couple of setbacks because I lacked that last year. =( But I am going to work hard on the PATIENCE part this year!

Another thing I want change is my hair color (or at least try some), I am really on the edge of wondering do I want to mess with color. *le sigh* The thing I am scared if is setbacks, I don't want anymore those. Plus, my hair can get pretty dry at times. So I guess I am going to dabble a bit in Semi-perm colors and see how I like it. And see if I want to take the plunge! hehe.

That about sums it up. All in all, I hope it will be a good year for my hair! =D

Kslizme said...

I plan on buckling down and developing a steady hair routine in order to achieve my goal of strong healthy BSL hair.

N said...

Hey Shawny! :) I subscribed via my Google acct.

Well, I would have to say that 1st and foremost, I need to learn my hair. The heat and color damage don't really allow to me to do that so I've been slowly but surely growing it all out. In that process I've realized that I have ALOT to figure out. There's some kink to this curl afoot!

So upcoming changes: Continued education and patience.

2011 goals: Meeting my real hair, and loving it all the same.

Kenisha said...

I plan on using oils and butters to seal my hair. I've determined that my porosity is probably higher than is ideal, so sealing will help keep that moisture in. I've made a mixed butter from shea, brazil nut, jojoba and a few other things and plan to use it on my hair as well.

I also want to be more consistent with detangling. A lot of times I'll briefly finger tangle when I cowash, but rarely do I thoroughly detangle.

Lastly, I want to try new styling options. My hair is probably long enough to try a puff now, and I want to learn how to do twists and other protective styles. The one thing I want to maximize this year is length retention!

YaAtiya said...

As a Muslimah with big hair, my challenge is to find styles that I can maintain and wear my headscarf. Fluffy is naturally big and very dense. Two heads of hair for one person. I'm just grazing shoulder length looking for solutions to keep fluffy in check.
So, 2011, I'll be wearing my natural hair in braids and twists. Enjoying twistouts and braidouts on the weekend.

As far as improvement, I'd like to especially pay attention to my detangling sessions. Most naturals who have longer hair tend to really take their time when detangling. This is something I need to focus on if I really want to retain length.

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