Friday, January 14, 2011

AmakaCreations: Coco Mango Madness Hair Butter

 I received this as a gift from a friend to get my opinion on around a month ago.   The smell is herbal as I don't think a scent was picked. I used this last night in anticipation of doing a twist out on the very front of my hair.  I'm very surprised about the turn out.  When I was applying this hair butter it was to damp hair that had been deep conditioned,  clarified and then conditioned.  I wanted to make sure my hair was as clean as possible so it would give me a true idea of how this butter was going to work.  This stuff went on like a pomade,  it was very firm in the jar and I had to work to get it to melt down a little . I know that's because of the cocoa butter and mango butter in this. Those two butters tend to be very hard to work with unless you have mixed it down tremendously. Well today my hair is light weight and doesn't feel weighed down yet at the same time its very defined for only being in my hair overnight.

  I was worried that it wouldn't absorb into my hair but it did and quite well at that.  My judgement is still reserved due to this is the first time Ive used it and would like to give it a few more chances before I give a final review on it.


Makeup Vixen said...

I have this butter and I hate the smell. I tried it on wet hair, damp hair and dry hair and it just doens't work for me. I tried it as a wash and go and on twists and it just doens't work. I would like to try her chocolate conditioner but the milk she has and this butter doesn't work for my 4a hair

Shawnystheone said...

Did you get yours scented? This one isnt and it smells very herballike , since I use alot of ayurvedic products it doesnt bother me that much.

Her conditioner worked nicely , and i imagine it would work better with my steamer. I am a 4a as well ,how did you use the butter?

i made sure I clarified my hair , then conditioned, then added a leave in and finally the butter. I dont think this would work really well on dry hair , so damp/wet hair it set my definition for the twistout.

My hair is very soft and supple this morning but i think its the combination of my leave in , the butter and damp hair.

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