Thursday, September 30, 2010

Darcy's Botanicals : Pumpkin Moisturizing Curl Conditioner

Oh wow this smells sooo good.  I'm not sure I'm actually going to use this as a rinse out conditioner.  It's 8 ounces , if I used it as such I could see myself running out of this fairly quick. I love the smell of pumpkin pie and this smells just like it.  I haven't heard any reviews from a hardcore Type 4 but the reviews I have read and saw on YouTube and the hair forums have said that this is pretty darn good. The consistency is like a thick lotion but it easily comes out of the pump. I like the fact that the bottle is so easy to dispense. I also received a sample of the Daily Cleansing Conditioner. Has anyone ever tried this?

I received my Natural Beauty t-shirt!

 That was some quick free shipping,  I love my shirt. I was so excited I started taking pictures by myself. I will update this entry a little later when I actually have someone take a picture for me LOL. Heres a couple I took by myself. The only thing I will say is order one size up,  I ordered 1 size up because I'm a large and this is still a little fitted.  I  love the color though.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Curls

 I posted a video of the application of some of these products last week.  I received my items from a swap on naturally  curly this morning and I have to say they smell pretty good.  I'm feeling a lot of product lines coming to Whole Foods lately.  It must be nice to just walk into a store and pick up ready made products geared for natural hair .  Hopefully I will be able to test this out soon , not only on my hair but two of my other friends . A 3a/b  and a fine haired  4 a/b hair type.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Play Pretty Beauty: Nohea Ani Whipped Body Butter Creme & Shea sugar Scrub

There is nothing more sexy to me than getting out of the shower and slathering a whipped body butter on.  I think it leads to a relaxing atmosphere.  I adore body butters, sugar scrubs, body lathers and what could be better than for it to be natural. I was given some goodies to try out today and boy do they smell YUMMY!

The Whipped body Butter Creme smell like peaches and cream, while the texture looks like firm whipped souffle. I cant wait to get home tonight to put some of this on. Its a sweet smell but not overly so. I put some on my hands and  I love the sheen. As winter is approaching my skin takes a turn for the worse if I'm not careful enough to keep it hydrated.  It starts off itching and winds up bleeding because the weather is so harsh. What I usually do is bathe ,then apply a body butter  and follow it up with Oyin Handmade After Bath Blended body oil. My skin is excellent after that.

I love Sugar scrubs because they impart additional moisture after you finish bathing, sometimes the most luxurious feeling body washes feel great going on but after you rinse your skin still feels harsh. Well,  a sugar scrub can fix you up and set the pace for your additional moisture steps. The Shea Sugar scrub smells exactly like the Whipped Body Butter Creme however there is a twinge of the Shea coming thru.

 to be continued................

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preview To October: Qhemet Biologics Giveaway and New Inspiration

Hello all,  I hope all is well for you guys at the moment .I'm excited to say the least,my favorite natural hair care line will be sponsoring a giveaway on my blog next month in October (Qhemet Biologics). I will also have a new inspiration interview of the month up as well. It seems like a great way to start off fall . Fall is one of my favorite seasons because its the herald for the upcoming holidays and snow! I hope you guys stay tuned for the ride.

Beautiful Curls Instructional Video

AmakaCreations: Oh Honey Hair Butter Presentation

Ive been keeping an eye out on AmakaCreations from ETSY, I posted a little while back about her Flax Dream Cream which I like a lot. Earlier this week I made two purchases from her. I ordered her Coconut and Honey Conditioning hair milk and her Choco-latte Deep conditioner. I will be trying more of her products this winter as I was very impressed by the Dream Cream, hopefully everything lives up to my anticipation. I was googling and came across this video and thought to share.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Natural Beauty Splash $10 with free shipping

OOhhh weee Natural T-shirt alert!!! You cant beat that, I just ordered one!!!

It isnt working one way, well try it another!

I love the concept of shampoo bars. It is a compact bar of soap that you use to clean your hair. You don't have to worry about storing it, you can use it , rinse it and set it off to the side to dry until the next time. Heck , you can even cut slivers off of it and use it that way in order to make it work for you. I have tried a lot of shampoo bars and surprisingly they all work for me, my hair winds up being soft and spongy like. I just get tired of rubbing the bar in my hand to lather it up or against my hair. I guess I'm so used to pouring something in my hands and letting it slide down my hair. I cant commit to buying shampoo bars on the regular, lol. I have tried Chagrin Valley, Anita Grant , Afroveda, and Darcys Botanicals, no dice. Well guess what Afrovedas Carrot& Rice Bran poo bar makes a FAB face wash. It goes on so smooth, lathers up wonderful and leave my skin feeling amazing. There isn't a harsh coated feeling after, no tightness of the pores, its just spectacular if I do so. So the best thing about natural products for me is , if it doesn't work in one way I can make it do what it do in another way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hair Love Stories Presented by Clutch Mag & Motions - "I Love My Man"

Im surprised at the products used and will attempt to do this on my friends hair using only the products mentioned in this video. Stay tuned for an update.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to go from Kinky to Curly Hair

LOL I was not happy when I saw this title. I opened the link ready to twist my lips up and utter the words " cho" right quick. My blood pressure raised slightly and I just knew I was going to see some 'ole texturize your hair, or chemically change it to curly video". It might just be me , and It might be others but I'm at the stage of life where I'm tired of people not accepting kinky, nappy , coily , natural has for what it is. There is another video on how to go from kinky to straight but I haven't look at that one as of yet

Well lo and behold the video is simply a two strand twist out demo. The young lady talking has a wonderful fade I must admit in an eye catching color.

What does a sister have to do in order to get her hair like this?

I am in serious hair envy right now. Stretched my hair is approaching arm pit level in the back and sides and my bang is top the top of my lip. I NEED 6 inches of hair , where CAN I get 6 more inches of hair?? I have put myself on a loosely modified crown and glory method for the fall , winter and early spring. I have plans on keeping my hair protected for a long time. I cant wait until my hair is this big when stretched. I want my hair to evolve enough to eclipse the sun when I'm walking. I'm not into extreme long hair but these two heads of hair right here, is EXACTLY where I want my hair to be. I am so excited because this is an actual hair goal for me. I don't need bra strap length hair. I just love BIGNESS , not length. Can you tell I'm excited????

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sheamoisture Update

Well I was all gun ho about trying this deep treatment masque but when I actually tried it out , it didn't wow me in the least bit. The only thing that might save this is my steamer. I didn't use the steamer when I tried this out.I just added it to my hair after a shampoo and let it absorb. I twisted my hair up and left it alone. The next morning my twists were soft but not overly so. The smell lingers ALOT and i think that and the fact that lately I'm not into shea products are whats throwing me off. I'm usually a fan of shea butter but not so much with my deep treatments. The next time I try this I will use my steamer to help it absorb better and I will rinse it out.

Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel Update

Hi lovelies,

I posted a blog in June about this gel and totally forgot to update with my thoughts.Thanks Rhonda for reminding me to update this. I love the smell I have to admit , its very crisp and non lingering. It however is not clingy enough to work alone on my hair. I layered Kinky Curly over this because it smoothed onto my hair like a leave in conditioner would. I think for those of you that don't have to use a creamy leave in under a hard gel this would work best. For the price of this , it doesn't or cant touch the Kinky Curly. If I'm going to buy a gel then I have to admit I would stick to the Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

It does play nicely with a creamy butter for twists or braid outs. I mainly use gels for wash and gos because I don't need a gel to keep my twists in at all. If I happen to want the twists to stay in longer that's when I add a gel and I can see this gel working perfectly to keep your twists, soft supple and intact. For wash and gos though, it didn't do it for my dense strands.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I noticed this morning I made it to 100 followers. Last night I checked and it looks like I will be giving away three prizes to 3 followers on my blog. I will check tonight to make sure I have them correctly . Please stay tuned , I will update this post with the names. Thank you as always.

You will be able to choose from a rhassoul clay mix , a ayurvedic clay mix , or a linseed gelly

Hi all , would brittney bellamy, ayana king, and T hampton send an email to with your shipping address and choice of the items mentioned above.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeling the need for some ear candy?

I've been keeping an eye on this young Lady's website and I must say I am really impressed by her products. I'm trying to save up enough to get several items for myself and close friends in time for Christmas. Ive had my eye on those right there for a LONG time , but Ive always talked myself out of them for some reason or other. I'm just tired of the comments from friends and family members . Why must we label everyone by their hair ? Its so tiring hearing " Oh , what are you trying to be the motherland now?". Ive decided that people need to leave their hang ups within themselves. Life is too short for me to let someone else's bad attitude make me unhappy!
So on a better note, please take a look at this young ladys talent, she is really doin' the damn thing!

Is aloe not working for you?

Have you seen countless reviews for aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel , aloe this , aloe that? Have you jumped on the bandwagon and wondered why aloe vera isnt working for you? Why no matter how you use aloe your hair just doesn't stay as moist when its dry , well guess what:

Aloe has protein in it, so before you go out and buy jugs of aloe vera because its the best thing since sliced bread or so you read someone touted it to be the end all product alone for them , take into consideration that you might have to cut your aloe with other ingredients to retain that moisture. Research , research!!!

Aloe vera contains protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12 and E, essential fatty acids and is naturally rich in: Vitamin C which helps maintain tone of blood vessels and promotes good circulation and is essential to the health of the adrenal gland which supports our body in times of stress. Amino acids which are chains of atoms constructing protein in our body. Enzymes, which are the life-principle in every live, organic atom and molecule of natural raw food, rejuvenate aged tissues and promote healthy skin.

Struggling with Moisture, Come get the solution: September Giveaway

One of the biggest issues naturals and those on the road to becoming natural is moisture. Ive been lucky enough to figure out what works for me and how to retain moisture in my hair. Doing weekly treatments is my deep dark secret and ace in the hole. If my hair is feeling dry I dig in my stash for Darcys Botanicals Deep Conditioning Mask. This is one of the BEST deep conditioning masks I have ever tried. I am still working my way thru the jar and that says a lot because I have some uber thick hair. Well , to my followers I will be running a contest for the month of September.

Are you suffering from dry hair ? Are you looking for something to soften your transitioning hair ? Do you need an extra shot of moisture? Well A Happy Nappy Affair has the giveaway for you! Lysandra the owner and creator of Darcy's Botanicals has been generous enough to sponsor my blog for a giveaway. I will be giving away the Deep Conditioning Mask with the Organic Coconut Lavender Milk Cleansing Bar, NEW Shea Butter Curl Moisturizing Cream and a Palm Butter . The only stipulations is you MUST be a follower of my blog and please leave a comment on how you're struggling with any moisture issues and what you've did so far to try and up /retain moisture in your hair.

This giveway will run September 7-30,2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deity of Hair: Plant Shampoo and Conditioner

I have heard some glowing reviews of DOH products. This is product, is suppose to have the function and effect of preventing and stopping alopecia . It also says that it will promote the blood circulation of scalp, and strengthen the firmness of hair follicle and hair root, accelerate the expansion of hair root, and facilitate the synthesis of melanin, recover the quality of hair, and improve the elasticity of hair and expedite the growth of hair, and thoroughly clean all kinds of bacteria in pore, clear away the accumulated remnants of sebum, effectively prevent alopecia.

Main Ingredients: Tuber of multi flower knot weed, angelica, fruit of Rangoon creeper, fruit of glossy privet, myrobalan, root bark of shaggy-fruited dittany, ginseng, saffron, etc. Function and Effect: Prevent and cure alopecia, grey hair, alopecia areata, and has excellent preventing and auxiliary function of treatment for folliculitis and various bacterial alopecia, and eliminate the dandruff and stop the alopecia, it will make hair healthy and thick and ebony for long-term use.

I heard commercials about this product but really didn't think anything of it. Then I received a really great review from a young lady who frequents I was all set out to find me some of these products. Lo and behold they are in CVS and affordable as well. I didn't purchase from there but saw them again in a local BSS for 2$ below the regular price so I scooped up the shampoo and conditioner. These are all natural and sulfate free. I will be shampooing weekly and following it up with the conditioner until its gone. I will also have a review from a fellow NC-er who's used the product and recommended it to me so stay tuned.

Whats the deal with Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz?

Well I was in Whole Foods the other day looking for some Aloe Vera for my mix. I strolled down the hair aisle and saw the Kinky Curly products as usual. I was in a buying mood so I said what the heck , let me try this spritz out. When I got home I looked closely at the bottle and was surprised. I assumed that the spritz was very watery because of the way it looked in the bottle, however when I shook it , it moved like loose jelly. So I proceeded to squirt some out and apply to my 3 day old wash and go. It revived it easily , however when it dried my hair was hard. Its been very humid in NJ lately so I thought the weather would help out with keeping my hair moist, nope! It was fail. I cant see myself purchasing this because of the price and the amount you get . I really think I could revive my wash and gos with aloe vera and get the same results because basically it has a lot of aloe vera in this product.

Ingredients: Lavender water, extracts of horsetail, nettles and sage, aloe vera gel, vitamin B-5, glycerin, citric acid, and grapefruit seed extract

Price: $11.99

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank you for following!

Hello my lovelies,

Today is September 1, 2010 and I am currently at 90 subscribers. Its wonderful that so many people have decided to take an interest in my blog, I really didn't feel I had anything else to offer that wasn't out there already but a good friend of mine Amina let me know that everyone is unique. My take on something might be the same but its not exactly like someone else. So hopefully I can make it to 100 followers by the end of October, if so I will be sponsoring a 100th follower giveaway. Thanks again and its much appreciated!

Keep an eye out on: Amaka Creations

I'm always a fan of ETSY owners. That place is a well hidden jewel that can offer up a lot of unknown talent. I was recently given the chance to try out Amaka Creations Flax Dream Hair Cream. Oh my word! I love Flax Seed period and I myself make a Flax Seed Butter. When Flax seeds are added to a hair butter, it turns it into something spectacular. It gives the butter a wet type feeling that soaks into the hair shaft and leaves your hair moist as all get out. It is always a winner in my view. If you can try out some of this young ladys products. I will be doing a full review on some of her other items in the upcoming fall.

Amaka Creations

Donna Marie: Dream Curling Creme Update

I purchased this last month and I'm pleasantly surprised. This creme is good enough to be a moisturizer alone. I cowashed my hair and then added this , and this alone. The hold is NONE, so if you want to keep a wash and go for more than one day , you might want to add a hard gel over it . This stuff makes a great base for twisting , or braiding as well . My hair didn't have any sheen from afar but from close up and touching , my hair was soft , supple and springy. I like it!

It does encourage shrinkage as well so if you're like me, who's hair curls to their scalp as if in terror , then you might want to think of way to stretch your hair when using this.

UFD's: Good Hair Leave in Update

In August I posted about receiving this in a swap. Lets just say I am happy I didn't out right buy this stuff. Its very thick and doesn't smooth into the hair well enough to be a styler for my wash and gos. What it does do, is create a base for protective styles, if I could get over the smell of this I would say it was OK , but seeing the price for this , the smell , and the fact that its not versatile enough to work as a styler for me , I'm going to give this a NO -GO.

Ladies, save your money!

got2b: kinky

I was in CVS minding my business and of course you know I went down the hair aisle. Well look what I see, a hair product with the word kinky on it. That made me buy it ALONE. I was like how dang cool is this. It was $6.29. The bottle states, Curling Mousse for defining curls. I can see this as being a refresher for Type 4 ladies. I used this last night over a 3 days Wash and Go. It refreshed the curls after waking to smooshed hair. I wet my hair prior and scrunched some of this in there. The hold is slight but you might want to smooth over a little cream or oil after the hair completely dries.

A Happy Nappy Affair's September Inspiration of the month

" After 3 years, I am still loving this journey and I've kept other people's scissors and clippers out of my hair!"

I remember when I started off taking pictures of my hair on Fotki, this lady was the first person to compliment on my pictures. I was so excited someone came by to look at my hair and leave positive feedback. Many people don't realize that one random comment does so much for a newly natural. I immediately requested to be her friend and from their I stalked her albums religiously. Anything she tried, I tried. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. It was through her I learned that just because you're natural doesn't mean what will work for you will work for me. She has a wonderful personality that shines forth through her Fotki as well as her YouTube channel. I truly appreciate her taking the time to answer some questions and share her journey thus far. Cheers to The Creative Lady! You can check her hair pictures out here : View pictures. She also is a current Vlogger and you can view her videos here: YouTube

"I was once again scissor shocked when I let the Wal-Mart stylist "Shape Up" my hair. I was was not prepared for the cut but it was cute."

"I let my cousin "the front porch" barber "shape up" my hair and he ended up cutting it ALL off! Dang. 8 months down the tubes."

"This was the amount of hair that I had after transitioning 8 months."

What your current hair status, Natural, transitioning, or thinking about it?
The Creative Lady's response: I’m 100% natural!

If you are natural, how long have you been?
The Creative Lady's response: I’ve been natural for 3 years now.

If you are not natural, would you ever try to transition?

If you are transitioning, how long do you think you will transition, and what methods are you using to help yourself while you transition?

Why did you go natural?
The Creative Lady's response: I was no longer happy with my relaxed hair. I was also tired of making hair appointments for a set time and still having to wait hours to get styled.

Do you ever feel the need to alter your hair to fit in better with family, peers or a loved one?
The Creative Lady's response: I have encountered relatives who “look upside my head like they’re crazy”, but I could not care less. My husband loves my hair and that’s all that matters.

Did you have expectations of your hair looking a certain way when you made up your mind to go natural?
The Creative Lady's response: Not really. I barely remembered my natural hair and was determined to welcome whatever showed up when I big chopped.

What has been your consistent driving force to continue on with your natural journey?
The Creative Lady's response: The freedom from being tied to the salon! I have more “me” time to work on things that I enjoy.

What does natural mean to you?
The Creative Lady's response: Happiness. It also means that I’m not trying to fit the standard of what someone else thinks beauty is.

What was one of the hardest things that you have or are struggling with as you walk down this natural journey?
The Creative Lady's: I’m the absolute worst when it comes to styling my hair. I cannot braid and my twists are always sloppy. I end up wearing a puff most times but I love it!

What if any thing can you share with someone going through transitioning their mind and hair to natural?
The Creative Lady's: Don’t do it because it’s trendy. If you think you can’t “go natural” because you don’t have “good hair”, don’t do it. If you are worried about how people will react, don’t do it. But if you want to do it because something deep down in your soul wants to be natural, DO IT! The natural community is so very supportive and encouraging.

What goals do you hope to achieve for yourself that you didn't have prior to becoming natural?
The Creative Lady's : I hope to continue to help others who want to join us on this natural journey. I don’t mind being “the natural” that others come to with questions about this journey.

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