Tuesday, December 21, 2010

La Boutique de Fleurzty Product Review: Nurturing Treatment Oil

Now this oil did not work for me in the hair department.

I like my oil like I like my men: Thick and luscious. This oil is very light and delicate feeling. When I used it alone after washing the conditioning treatment out, it was the only thing I used in my hair . My hair dried  soft and pliable but I had to reapply a moisturizer the next day.

I might be able to get away with using this with better results in the spring and summertime

 If I was using my Castor oil , or Cocasta oil I would not have had to apply a moisturizer for about 2-3 days if I choose to do so. My hair loves emollients , sticky humectants and thick oils. I can get away with using those solely after moisturizing. or cowashing. This oil didn't do that in the long run for me but what it did or does do is to soften my body like a champ. Man oh man does this stuff work after getting out of the shower! The bonus is the essential oils in this are making me sleep like a baby! I haven't went through the bottle as fast as I thought I would using it for a body oil, the dampness of the water left on my skin helps to distribute the oil more so I use less.

 I give it 3 napps up for my hair and 5 napps for the body!


zainab1 said...

Sounds great for the body! I love body butters and oils for the skin , especially in the winter when skin can tend to get very dry. Thanks for sharing this.

BTW, I am hosting a great giveaway over @ AuNaturale from the fabulous owner of "younkiness" the contest ends tommorrow its very easy to enter. If your interested head on over! :)

Take care.


Shawnystheone said...

Awww soooky sooky a giveaway. Im comingggggggg on over.

Amina said...

I looove it as a body oil. It didn't work for me as a hair oil

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