Monday, December 6, 2010

Henna Sooq's Cocoveda Oil

Years ago prior to using Hairvedas Cocasta oil, I saw Henna Sooqs Cocoveda oil and pondering on buying that instead of Hairvedas. I decided to purchase the Hairveda oil and it’s been heaven since then. On Black Friday I decided to finally try the Cocoveda. The picture on the site looks very promising. I ordered on Friday the 3rd of December and received my package today, the 6th of December. With most coconut oil bases, it came frozen and solid. After sitting for the last 10 minutes, it’s starting to liquidity though. I can say now that this wont be a repurchase because I'm frugal if nothing else and like to get my moneys worth for an item. This oil was $8.95 and its 100ml ( around3.3 ounces). The size of the bottle doesnt bother me but for almost $9 I would expect around 5-6 ounces of oil.  This bottle will last me a long time because with oil you dont need a lot but  with the Hairvedas oil I get more oil for my money.  I am intrigued though on how this will compare.  I will update you all after a month of using.

The ingredients are coconut oil, ginger, brahmi, bhringraj, henna, amla, methi, nagarmotha, neem, shikakai and hibiscus. The smell is an earthy ayurvedic smell.

On the henna sooq blog this information is listed as well.

The herbal extracts that were chosen are listed here:

• Henna: this was added because the henna plant is known for strenghtening the hair, and conditioning it.

• Shikakai: we added this herb because it is known for promoting hair growth

• Neem: relives dry, itchy scalp. It is widely used in ayurvedic hair oils. It is used to treat the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It gives you shiny, silky, stronger hair and encourages growth.

• Amla: this herb also is known for promoting hair growth, and thickening hair. It is also known to prevent premature greying

• Methi (fenugreek): known to reduce hair loss, and thinning. Treats dandruff.

• Bhringraj: we added this herb to improve the condition of the hair, quality of the hair color, and for healthy scalp and hair.

• Brahmi: used to improve hair growth, and is known to be a memory enhancer.

• Nagarmotha: it works on the hair root, and stimulates it. It is used to treat scalp disorders.

• Ginger: is considered one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda. It has very potent stimulating properties, and increases blood circulation to your scalp will which result in faster growing hair.

• Hibiscus:a very popular addition to ayurvedic hair care, it contains an abundant amount of astringent properties that are ideal for oily hair. It also soothes eczema, and dry scalp conditions.


Khadija Dawn Carryl said...

I really hope you end up liking the Cocoveda Hair Oil. It's a higher end Hair Oil that we have them make for us in India and the fomulation is with many herbal extracts and high quality coconut oil, and plus shipping it here also factors into why we price it as we do.

Enjoy it :) Thank you for shopping with us!

Shawnystheone said...

Thank you for the reply , when you say shipping it here , the coconut oil base or the whole blend comes straight from India? Thats really intriguing to find out

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