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A Happy Nappy Affair's December Inspiration of the Month

 In the middle of summer,  I was on YouTube and  I think I googled something about Aloe Vera Gel.  I stumbled upon this video and for the duration of the video I was dying laughing .  I was so entertained and just intrigued with the whole vibe of this young lady.  I'm not a big fan of YouTube as far as hair is involved.  I use it to see how a product looks , or if  I need to see a style but I'm not caught up into it like that but I do love it for music and skating. I joined around 4 years ago but only like I said for non hair related things , however this young Lady's channel I liked  so I said let me ask her to share her journey with me.

What your current hair status, Natural, transitioning, or thinking about it?
Totally natural and LOVING it!!!!!!!!!

If you are natural, how long have you been?

Well, I started transitioning in February of 2008. I was waaaay too chicken to big chop, so I came out of the Natural Hair "closet" in May of 2009. By that time, I had about 7 to 8 inches of hair.

If you are not natural, would you ever try to transition?

Totally doesn't apply to THIS Natural Hair fiend! LOL!

If you are transitioning, how long do you think you will transition, and what methods are you using to help yourself while you transition?
My transition took 15 months, 10 drawstring ponytails, one ridiculously firm hair brush, and one gallon of Ampro's Pro Styl protein styling gel. :-)

Why did you go natural?

Several reasons....

I wanted to try something different. Also, my financial situation changed and I couldn't afford to relax my hair every 6 to 8 weeks anymore. At that same time, I lost a very dear friend to a fatal heart attack and, although I don't know why that made me want to go natural, but from the night of his home going service, to this day, I have not relaxed my hair.

Do you ever feel the need to alter your hair to fit in better with family, peers or a loved one?
Not at all! I would actually say it's the total opposite! I have friends and family members that have been inspired by my natural hair, and have gone natural as well. What a blessing!

Did you have expectations of your hair looking a certain way when you made up your mind to go natural?

I had NO idea what to expect. I just stepped out on faith, and told God that I would deal with whatever happened. It turned out to be one of the best blessings EVER. Way beyond anything I could have imagined.

What has been your consistent driving force to continue on with your natural journey?

Wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment and loyalty to myself. Not giving up. Hanging in there. After doing this and sticking with it, I felt there was nothing I couldn't do. So many women define themselves by their hair. I used to place a false sense of value on my relaxed hair, and felt it was not really socially acceptable to wear my hair in its natural state. I was so wrong. Nothing against relaxed hair, but I'm just no longer in a place where I feel I NEED a relaxer.

What does natural mean to you?

It means without chemical in an unaltered state. Being as though God intended. Like natural fruit or veggies.....or chocolate............okay, the chocolate is just wishful thinking.....LOL!

What was one of the hardest things that you have or are struggling with as you walk down this natural journey?
I struggle with the people who turn down their noses at women who wear their hair in its natural state. There is a liberal mindset that goes along with the idea of natural hair. I appreciate the person who has relaxed hair, and compliments me on my natural hair without judgement. Close-mindedness toward natural hair is a flesh thorn for me.

I struggle with educating people about hair in general. Like convincing them that there is no such thing as a product that "mends" split ends. They have to be trimmed.....WITH SCISSORS. Nobody likes to hear that........ :-)

What if any thing can you share with someone going through transitioning their mind and hair to natural?

I would like to encourage everyone who is contemplating, transitioning to, or is currently wearing natural hair to know that you must conquer your idea of everyone else's opinion about you and your hair, and then conquer your own idea of your opinion about you and your hair. Make the decision based on your willingness to be happy with your choice, and your anticipated ability to maintain it. Once you are able to make the decision with no apprehension, you just may be ready! I won't lie, it will not be easy, but anything worth having is worth the necessary work! Also, embrace what God gave you. It’s all yours, so accept it, and love it! Anything HE gives YOU is YOURS and it’s not for anyone else. Otherwise, we’d all be the same, and that’s not how He made us!

Don’t envy what someone else has either. They have theirs for a reason, and you don’t have what they have for a reason. Trust, it all works out in the end.

What goals do you hope to achieve for yourself that you didn’t have prior to becoming natural?

Having big, big, big, hair like Diana Ross!!!!!!!! Seriously, I just want God to use me to be a blessing to others through my natural hair journey and all of my experiences. I never knew how much of a blessing this whole natural hair journey would be. It's turned into an avenue for ministry and friendship, which is a welcomed surprise!

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