Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hair Like me

I'm not into hair typing and what not. Doesn't bother me if you think my hair is a 4b. doesn't bother me if you think my hair is Nappy , it doesn't bother me if you think  I have a texturizer when I rock my wash and gos, heck it just doesn't bother me, but THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE!!!!  It is the business.  You think you cant do anything with a cloud full of natural hair , You think you cant style your hair??? Take a good look at all of this wonderful hair and BE INSPIRED

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Jarmelia said...

Some of those pics were really nice! The day I can get me a nice fluffy twist out that doesn't shrink up will be the day...{sigh} I'll have to just live through all those nice pics! Lol!

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