Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taliah Waajids The Great Detangler and Curly Curl Cream

OK so I'm impressed with both products, If you are not into 100% natural products then these two products are not the  products for you. They aren't on Miss Jessie's Caliber of just bad ingredients but they sure aren't 98% natural organic either. With that being said , it performed wonderfully on my friends hair.  I so cant wait to see how it works with me.  It elongated her hair TOO much , and the reason  I say that is , she has very fine hair and it weighed it down a lot .  For her that's not a good thing because it winds up being too scalpy.  I wanted to do a wash and go on her but she wouldn't be able to maintain it past one day so twists it was. Her twists were soft,  not producty at all and it was a nice shine to it.

 If you are a fan of Kinky Curly Knot Today,  then The Great Detangler is a perfect substitute for it.  It works exactly the same to me and even looks the same,  the only difference of course is the ingredients and the price.  The Great Detangler is $8.00

Hair prior to washing
Clean Damp hair with The Great Detangler
Section of hair with the Curly Curl Cream smoothed in

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