Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping on the ground for Affordable Hair Products

Natural hair is wonderful, you've discovered this beautiful side of yourself that you didn't know existed and now you're on hair care boards, watching videos on Youtube, reading blogs and next thing you know , you have spend thousands of dollars on hair products that haven't worked out for you.

* note I am a product junky, but believe me I can whip up anything in my kitchen aid mixer and it can be on par with ordering online . Natural hair care buying is a hobby of mine.

Well before you frustrate yourself , read, research and stick a toe in the water before jumping head in.  You need a cleanser,  a moisturizer , a sealer , and a styler.  If you're in the need to be efficient you can find all of that minus the cleanser in one product. Shealoe! You can make it yourself , make just enough for however you need and store the rest elsewhere.

OK so lets to get to cleanser , you can buy some Castile Soap and dilute it down.  You can add some Olive oil or you favorite oil to it , because it can be stripping .  You can find Castile Soap at any health food store,  Target , Whole Foods, Trader  Joe's or online as a last result.  You don't like Castile Soap, you can try Black Soap and  cut it down because its concentrated and have enough to last you many a month.

OK you want to purchase shampoo from the local store, you can go that as well , just remember to add some oil to combat the SLS that can be drying to Naturally Coily hair.  You can even do an oil rinse after.

OK well now you say I have all of that but what about a deep conditioner . Honey and your favorite oil , or mayo and honey for a protein treatment . If you're going to become a little fancy get you come coconut milk and add in some of your favorite oil , warm it up and voila , there you go.

All it boils down to is taking your time, researching and looking around you before you decide to invest in online shopping where the cost of  shipping and handling add up only with the cost of the item you're purchasing.

 Natural Hair Care shouldn't cost you a fortune and by taking it into your own hands , you can learn what your hair likes instead of what someone else's hair likes.  Remember just because their hair looks like yours doesn't mean it will like what that persons does.

 * P.S Remember Target is now carrying a lot of affordable items( Jane Carter,  Kinky Curly , SheaMoisture) , so check into it if you can find it local to you.

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