Friday, November 5, 2010

Remix your glycerin/humectant use for the Winter

I know a lot of naturals use  glycerin which is a humectant in the early spring and pretty much summer time to keep moisture in the air . Glycerin is  a hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water from the air. This can be great for humid climates and help keep naturally coily hair soft and supple, however when there is no water in the air to absorb, glycerin will draw the moisture from your hair leaving behind dry, brittle feeling hair.

 So here approaches winter and colder climates and what worked in the spring and summer might not work for you now , well before you give up on your favorite glycerin or humectant laden products try to use them in alternate ways before shelving them for the next spring or summer. 

 To  get ready for winter or  for those in dry climates using  humectants, one simple idea is to use the product before a shower.  The  steam of the shower will be attracted to the glycerin in the products, and the heat will help it absorb into your cuticle. then you can use an oil-based sealer to keep that moisture in the cold

 Don’t assume you can’t use a product in the winter because contains glycerin , try  with using it under different conditions and see how your hair reacts first.

 If you have heating masks , or steamers , or use the sauna at the gym , add your products then , or use it as a deep treatment instead to give your hair that additional boost that it might need come freezing rain and sleet.


zainab1 said...

Great post! along with great and helpful tips. Thanks a bunch. Take care.


nappy headed black girl said...

Wow, I never would've thought of this. Great tip! And I was just about to retire my glycerin for the season. Now I can truly get my money's worth ;-)

Lakeisha said...

Great idea...I'm going to try my glycerin products before showering. Thanks!!!

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