Monday, November 22, 2010

Ok so Henna is my side piece.......

Well , if you know me ,or have been following me since I started this blog , I'm into Ayurveda products big time.  I love Henna ,  I love Hesh Herbal Powders and always squeal in joy when I find natural hair care lines that cater to that

 Back in the day it used to be Afroveda and Hairveda.  Well yanno what happened with Afroveda  so ole girl had to go.  The only product I purchase from Hairveda now is the Cocasta oil, The number one stunna, however I have a love affair going on with henna that hasnt been calmed in over two years.  I love how henna hues my hair as well as strengthening it,   Henna acts like a protein by binding to my hair strands reinforcing it so I have little to no breakage at all.  A downside to henna is I always have to add something moisturizing in such as amla, maka , coconut milk powder , fenugreek and other wonderful ayurvedic herbs to keep my hair in tip top shape.

Well one day while stalking the PJ angel of my heart , I saw she had this new henna( Dark of the Moon) on her fotki. YOU know  I ran over and just stared for like DAYS.  Don't get me wrong , I love my Karshima or Nupur henna but  when I saw this henna It just called to me..........until I saw the price.  I was kinda mad that I couldn't get a sample from the company and believe me, I groveled to them for like a week straight. LOL  Hey I had to get me a fix, not even caring that I was in a protective style. 

Well my lovely angel sent me a package and I  did the hokey pokey in my office while my coworkers stared at me in disbelief., LOLOLOL

I don't know what to do first, wash , henna , deep condition????  I just know I cant wait to get this henna up in my head,  Heck I might do it the night before Thanksgiving!


Amina said...

I looove henna!!
I am looking forward to reading your review of dark moon
LOL at co-workers!! We love hair products <3
henna and a deep conditioning session sounds great

Angelique said...

Henna is a weakness of mine also. Whew that is a hefty price but I can't wait to see the results on your hair.

Shawnystheone said...

I know right , henna is just so right and I'm glad I discovered it

I cant wait to henna , looks like I'm going to have to leave it in on a Friday and then rinse it out on a Saturday

medgirl_shana said...

Can't wait to try henna for the first time. Just big chopped after transitioning for 9mths but I couldn't decide what to do with my hair so I tossed in some braids.

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