Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love my soul

 Was in no way this post made to make anyone feel bad for choosing to do to your hair what you feel is better for you.  If you want to relax your hair , that is your choice.  If you want to flat iron your hair , that is your choice,  Whatever you choose to do is of course your choice.  My stance on my hair and what I hope to obtain is to love my soul just as it is. My hair is MY crowning glory and she is just as FAB just as she is.

 The only reason  I  would have for straightening my hair is to prove to others that natural hair can indeed grow , that's the only  reason  I would EVER straighten my hair , however  that's not going to happen, LOL.  My mother harps on my hair any chance she gets but she cant keep her hands out of it.  I continue to hear  " wow its so soft and thick" . I will continue to hear that because I'm in it to win it for the long haul.  I cant wait for the day when  I have to inch down in my car seat because my hair is too big.  Its a goal that hopefully is right around the corner.

 All I can ask for the next person is to love yourself,  nothing more or nothing less. So please remember  just because I'm over here mixing , product buying , blogging ,  and posting on forums  my natural is just that my natural and you have your own journey to walk.

There are many definitions of “natural” – we’re all different, and that’s ok.

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Jarmelia said...

I just did a blog about this! I just wrote about what it means to me to be natural. I like your post! I have had straight hair for almost 13 yrs...I need to stick to curly.

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