Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whats wrong with keeping our hair as it is?

I love the different things that we can do with natural hair, I mean it really is amazing. My friends tell me all the time that they wished their hair had  half the volume that mine does. I know that its not my hair but it bothers something in me when friends decide that they cant work with their hair and its too hard to manage. Ive went through days when people make comments on my hair that if it was another person some bodily damage would have been done. I have some of the thickest  hair ever seen. Ive struggled to figure out how to keep my hair moist, Ive struggled with length. I have shrinkage and add to the fact that my hair grows out and not down , it will be YEARS before I can  even achieve a low ponytail comfortably.

Whats so wrong with our hair that we need a relaxer, that a texturizer has to mess up what we have naturally?? Deep down inside is it really you cant manage it or is it someones telling you , its too nappy??

 I don't know , I just know that you will never see my hair straight because deep down inside if it did I'd feel like I only did it to fit in. That someone told me I wasn't beautiful unless I sat in a beauty salon and let them blow my hair out. its not going to happen.

I'm all for options , yes to some its just hair but why is it just hair?  From an early age my grandmother always told me " Your hair is your glory", take care of it as such. I love my hair  and it doesn't look like anyone else because it was made just for me.


GhanaianBeauty said...

I also think that people are afraid of change. most people have no idea about their natural hair texture and all they remember is the pain of doing their hair and their hair being called nappy and bad. I believe that plays a key part in women hesitating to stop relaxing their hair.

Amina said...

sigh...story of my life!! I get criticism about my hair and I think that deep down it's because some wish they could go natural but they are afraid. Then I get comments like well you don't have the real african hair, that's why you can go natural...sigh

Jarmelia said...

I think people need to just like THEIR hair. You have to accept the hair you have. My hair isn't like the next persons hair and that's okay.

I think a lot of this has to do with the whole "grass is greener" mentality we tend to have.

Great post! :)

nappy headed black girl said...

I think many of us simply think it's what we're "supposed" to do?

I mean, why would you willingly walk around with nappy hair? To some people, it's just not an option *shrug*

Precious E. Henshaw said...

I feel you. These people who are hesitant to stop relaxing their hair sometimes need more help knowing exactly what natural hair care is all about. Most of them, I'm sure, don't even know how to deal with their hair texture due to relaxing at an early age. Those of us who are natural, we know how to get our hair soft feeling and healthy looking because we are very comfortable with natural hair and know the "hair rules". Most of the relaxed women only remember the tough uncombable hair that they most likely weren't taking care of correctly when they were younger. They will think that their hair will be tough and uncombable as they remember. They need to be taught that the hair is only that way when it is not cared for in the proper way, when it is treated incorrectly. Once they learn that their naturally tightly curly hair needs different and more careful treatment, they may loosen the grip :)

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