Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wonder what Jayden Smith's hair routine is?

His hair reminds me of Corbin Bleu's hair,  just not as coily/curly as Corbin's tends to be.  I am so jealous because I bet he doesn't absolutely nothing to it.  LOL I need Jada to give me the secret because I want my hair to hang just like this.  I know , I know it will never happen, lol.  My hair grows like a halo and it will take some serious years of growth to get anywhere near this .  A girl can dream though right?? Jada and Smith have some really good genes, they couldn't deny these kids if they tried.


Lori said...

Some of the best natural hair I've seen is on men and I just don't believe they put in the same amount of time fooling with their hair as we do. LOL

Very cute kids, but I'm lovin' his curly, swirly fro.

Amina said...

those kids are very cuuute and Jayden is hot!! I love his hair!!!
and yes, I agree w/ Lori. I bet he doesn't do much and slap whichever conditioner he sees in the shower cart..

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